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Fri, Jun 30th, 2006 02:15:46 PM
Topic: How can you tell if someone is really an expert?

Hey, JC

How can you tell if someone is really an expert? I mean, someone else, not you, silly.

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 30th, 2006 02:15:46 PM

From the emails we have received lately it appears RugKazbah's readership is equally divided on the issue of whether or not RK should glorify professor steev price=clown's attempts to denigrate what we have done by replying.

As everyone knows, we have both ignored him for long periods of time and answered his spit-ball approach finding neither is better or, more importantly, effective.

What is not difficult to know and is manifest is the fact steev price knows hardly anything about historic rugs and RK surely does.

Answering the question "Who is an Expert?", the title of this thread, has many possible avenues. However, the best, and perhaps the most proveable and demonstrable, is examining the collection an "expert" has put together.

In fact, we'd venture to say this is the only avenue that holds any salt and is not prone to prejudice or bias.

With this in mind, we suggest RK's readership weigh for themselves what we have done and compare our collection, after all many of our pieces are online as well as illustrated in our books, with what others have collected.

Clearly, comparing it with price=clown's airport-art rugs is and would be a waste of time but, in that regard, we are sure the potty professor clown will asap offer up some absurd excuses why the best of his collection is anything other than candidate for the closest Salvation Army and the rest for the nearest dumpster.

We post this not to make contest any comparison of RK with professor=clown, as only the lowest of rugdom's midget-minds could possibly believe there is any contest there.

Wed, Jun 14th, 2006 04:51:49 PM

More like a train wreck.

Author: #####
Wed, Jun 14th, 2006 04:00:16 PM

Yes, its like watching an automobile accident in slow motion.

Tue, Jun 13th, 2006 05:12:49 PM

RK Replies:

Sticks and stones, baby. You have posted here before, do it a few more times and we will be able to unmask you, anonymouse.

Enjoy your moment of fame, whoops, flame, here on RugKazbah.com but soon that moment might seem an eternity. Get our drift, squeeky?


The problem with JC is that he doesn't realize what a jerk he is. So, any sort of criticism will fall not only on deaf ears, but will immediately be rebuked. Sometimes I wonder why I am still reading this "discussion" board. I don't find the informational content to be particularly high. But this one-man-show here is so surreal, it’s kind of funny.

Author: Sue Zimmerman
Sat, Jun 10th, 2006 01:09:17 PM

RK Replies:

You didn't have to verbalize that, it's patently clear and obvious to anyone reading what you have posted here both earlier today, just now and in the past.

Please go seek whatever it is you are looking for elsewhere. This is not the place for you and RK is not interested in yours, or anyone else's, psychodramas or traumas, be they real or imagined.

You have said goodbye before and your returning again and again adds little credibility to your position -- any one of them.


If I said something that gave you the impression that I am interest in gaining your approval I apologize for that. I'm not. That's a fact. Sue

Author: Sue Zimmerman
Sat, Jun 10th, 2006 10:51:47 AM

RK Replies:

You have raised some points that obviously need to be addressed.

1. To claim RK is not interested in "anything" you "think" is nothing more than crybaby BS.

Say something worthwhile and RK will be "interested". Say something factual and RK will be “interested”.

Say something that is nonsense or untrue and, yes, RK is non “interested”.

So to claim anything other than that is just more of the same from you -- a personal "opinion" that is incorrect.

2. As for your feeling "beat up" by "talking" with RK? Well, if you expect RK to hold your hand and walk down a primrose path paved with misconceptions, misinterpretations and worse then you'd better go find a cute little puppy to hang out with.

That will never happen and to deride RK for our lack of kind, gentle bed-side-manners is another one-sided trip into nowhere.

Sorry, madam, but nowhere isn't a destination on this bus ride.

3. Clenched-fisted efforts? Puhleeze, lady, get a grip on yourself.

RK’s fists are rarely clenched and when they are we can assure you they have not been so used on this forum.

4. Our “so-called friends” walking on “egg-shells around” us?

What do you know about RK or our friends?

And by the way, madam, we do not candle to anyone referring to us as you have and would suggest you immediately change the tenor of your approach or we will start to act towards you in the imaginary manner you think we have.

Your entire rant sounds to us like you have a persecution complex and, trust us on this one, we have not given any wood to that fire.

So adjust your attitude when you come here or face the consequences.

And that’s a nice friendly warning not a threat, although saying something like that to someone who suffers a persecution complex can only result in misinterpretation, something you, dear lady, are quite skilled at.

4. And why in God’s Green Earth should RK give up battling “injustice” and allow the “perpetrators” to dance off scot-free?

That ain’t gonna happen and your suggestion we do is blatantly stupid.

5. “Uncontrollable anger”? Wake up and open those peepers, lady.

We are angry, yes that is true, but our “anger” is far from uncontrollable and, frankly, far more justified than your silly notion that it is not.

Again, you know nothing about RK, as well as a myriad of other subjects, so how about belting up and trying to learn something about our reality instead of presupposing yours here.

6. The word is advice not advise but your misuse of the word pales in comparison to the relevance of the “advise” you offer.

Again, go to the pet store and pick out a cute little puppy. Talk to him and we are sure he will never tell you how mistaken or lost you and your arguments are.

7. As for our not “knowing anything about you or anyone else who reads (our) stuff.” Lord have mercy, what does RK need to know other than whether or not someone knows what they say?

This is not an encounter group or self-help trip to anything.

It’s a discussion board centered on historic weavings from the Near East. Or did you forget that?

We are bored with the bashers, fools, clowns, amateurs and worse who think writing in here proves anything other than their own frailties, foolishness and stupidity.

We do recognize your desire to gain approval in our eyes and, if you truly want that approval, recognize the study of historic weavings can be factual. Go learn some facts and then we’ll be delighted to talk about them with you or anyone else who does so

We grant there are presently few facts to go on and finding them is not easily done but that, dear lady, is what our interest and efforts here are all about.

We do not have the time or desire to demonstrate the fallaciousness of your flights of fancy and erroneous conclusions -- from it’s all about calendars to whatever other shots in the dark you have attempted – but, trust us again on this one, madam, they are as misplaced as your most recent missive that we have now spent 20 minutes answering.

In closing note we care little if you or anyone else, with a similar bent or agenda to yours, bothers to visit RugKazbah.com or WAMRI and, know ye well, your far from accurate belief we do is but one more misconception we care even less about.


I've seen the pictures of what you've collected and can see they are better, by far, than those in most modern collections.

I think you are closer to understanding rugs, too, than most other modern people are, by far.

I feel indebted to you for the information you have shared and that I have learned a lot from, even though you would disagree that I've learned properly and you surely have no interest in anything I think or have to say about rugs, things about which, I will spare you.

I try to respect peoples wishes and you have made it abundantly clear you are not interested in anything I think.

I'm not going to spare you hearing, however, that even if you know more about rugs than anyone else in the world, and enjoy sharing your knowledge, that trying to talk to you about rugs feels like, and essentially is, and I think I am being objective in saying this, just like being beat up.

Who but the terminally lame or messed up masochistic deviants are going to put up with your crap? No one. Face it.

Of course you will win every "bring it on" type rug argument, by your count, but so, what the fuck, what? Lame winnings those, for all your clenched fist efforts, which amount to what?

Rugdom a cleaned up and happy place? Right.

What your so called friends, who must, I'm thinking, walk ever on eggshells around you, won't dare to tell you, what I think you should know, and I care enough about you to say, is that you can stop, anytime, acting like a total jerk and asshole, by just deciding to do that.

Just like that, simple.

Let go of the injustices and their perpetrators from your past and present -- forgive them, forget them, and move on, afresh, or become just like them, which is everything you hate and look like you are quickly becoming, at least to me.

What can you possibly have to loose by giving this idea a try? What good can come from your current course of being so easily dragged around by your ever so transparently visible Achilles heel -- your ever present uncontrollable anger?

As things stand your enemies know all your buttons and so they own you.

You are such a waste. I hate to see stuff like this happen.

I realize full well that you are not asking for, and will probably most highly resent, getting advise from someone you have called a nobody nothing, me.

Maybe you will even resent it as much as your unsolicited advise to me was resented, but I doubt it, because your advise to me, in my opinion, sucked, and my advise to you makes perfect sense.

Anyway you don't look any better to me than me and what goes around comes around and besides you know absolutely nothing about me or anyone else who reads your stuff, a point which you'd do well to keep in mind.


Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Sat, Jun 10th, 2006 09:22:42 AM

RK Replies:

Besides for our appreciating your kind words concerning us and our efforts you have, as always, come here without any agenda or covert desire to do anything other than discuss relevant topics or share your interest in historic rugs and trying to understand them.

RK knows you are not the only reader in that position, however, you are alone in expressing it publicly.



This is better than "Neighbours" (the Australian TV soap)!

An expert is someone who is "recognised as an expert by their peers" and in the turkmen world there is a fairly small gene pool of candidate experts. All the candidate experts I have spoken to rate JC, so I guess he must be.

Are !!!! and ???? experts?

The term "expert" is not really a good one since a lot of the domain is "unknowable" and is likely to continue to be so.

Author: ?????
Sat, Jun 10th, 2006 09:16:37 AM

You go, girl!

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 9th, 2006 12:56:10 PM

RK Replies:

RK has proven what a fool and clown steev price is.

Has price ever proved anything about RK besides trying to smear us with the camel dung he wallows in daily?

Perhaps, price thinks his feeble attempts to disprove our critique of the myriad of cockamammie ideas about rugs he has forwarded, which have by the way only made him look even more foolish, proves his point?

RK has challenged price=clown, or anyone else in rugdom, to try and debate rugs with us. We have done this in the past and do so, again, now.

The pure and simple fact, regardless of the excuses and BS nonsense price and others have lamely offered for their silence, is they can't sit down with us and win.

Calling RK a "lunatic", a totally unsubstantiated bit of ad hominem if we ever heard one, shows what an hypocrite, ignoramus low-life and pompous pedant price, and the rest of RK's detractors who post herein, truly are.

RK SAYS: Bring it on professor clown, or any of the rest of you anony-mice, and we'll demonstrate how little you know about us or about any genuinely old, non-Classical, rug.

"Nuff said, once more?

And, by the way, speaking of readers of this forum: price visits here at least 3 times a day, everyday.

Too bad his lack of intellectual ability and curiosity hasn't allowed those visits to do anything other than granting him the cheap thrill jolly of seeing his name in print.

Author: Steve Price
email: sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Thu, Jun 8th, 2006 11:21:04 AM

Hi Whoever
br>When I post here, I do so under my name. Why should I use a pseudonym? Everyone who reads this (ugh!) forum knows what I think of Cassin, and why.

I understand the reluctance some people have about using their names here. Who needs phone calls and e-mails from that lunatic?

Author: ?????
Wed, Jun 7th, 2006 08:03:08 PM

Yes, Steve. You should stop picking on poor JC.

Author: one of many
email: m_salgir@yahoo.com
Wed, Jun 7th, 2006 05:34:37 PM

Dear Steve, Your interest in posting here is simultaneously amusing and revolting... it seems to me that your true character is brought out into the light here. Cheers, XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX, XX

Author: ?????
Wed, Jun 7th, 2006 01:25:03 PM

You should not have written that, !!!!!!. Now the little shit will be angry. You know what that means. I hope he doesn\'t take it out on me.

Author: !!!!!!
Wed, Jun 7th, 2006 11:34:01 AM

Its easy to identify an expert.------- He always refers to himself with the royal “we”.----- 98% of all the “replies” to the threads he starts are by him.---- “From me, by me, and about me” is his motto.-----

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