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Sun, Jun 11th, 2006 12:54:11 PM
Topic: Cross-Eyed Clowns

The levels of ridiculous stupidity some ruggies can manufacture knows no bounds. Well, at least when it comes to professor clown's bunch that is.

Recently, though, they seem to have hit rock bottom with a discussion centered on "dimensionality" in Turkmen weavings.

While it's not unusual for some neophyte rug collectors to fabricate outlandishly stupid viewpoints about old rugs the following quote lifted from clownland takes the brass ring:

"i think everyone is missing what sets turkmen weavings apart from all other weavings. turkmen weavers are masters of optical illusion that not even skilled persian weavers can recreate, which is why they were and are in such demand.

this is also why they are so captivating, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

colors and patterns are created and spaced more for the 3D illusion they create then for any tribal traditions which is why we see the same patterns in so many different "tribes" there are a specific number of gols in any given row for the same reason.

the effect is like a 3D drawing of colored dots. you can't see the picture at first.

put a good picture of a 3gol by 3 gul chuval on your computer screen, and cross your eyes slightly, until you see 4 rows of gols, and then try to look past the gols. they will become 3 demensional and appear to float on different planes..

in the older weavings, the gols actually seem to float above the surface of the rug. a magic carpet! trylooking at one this way. i think you will be amazed by what you see."

Actually Rk is amazed at this man's belief any Turkman weaver intended to have her weaving viewed in such an absurd manner.

Who on God's Green Earth would possibly countenance such an absurd contention?

Well for starters steev price=clown.

Here is a quote from the idiot professor posted in response to this technique:

"The theory that very old Turkmen weavings include perspective in their design has been around for awhile, but nobody has ever been able to provide anything more than anecdotal evidence for it.

A mathematical analysis of dimensionality was presented at one of the ICOC's some years ago, and although the authors claimed that it proved a correlation between age and dimensionality, it actually didn't.

I've seen the effect that you describe..."

RK will bet price has seen the effect as we have long surmised he is cross-eyed at all times.

To continue price=clown then states:

"I'll be glad to look at the photo, and I'm pretty sure I'll see pretty much what you do.

That will not demonstrate that it is a consistent feature of older Turkmen pieces, that it is a phenomenon correlated with age, or that it was put there by the weaver with the intention of giving the illusion of perspective."

Yeesshhh, you'd think anyone with even the slightest interest and respect for Turkmen weavings would gently tell Mike McCullough, the lame-brain who posted the cross-eyed technique, what a dopey idea it is. But no, not price the rug clown, who not only picks up the ball but begins to run with it.

Is price=clown and company so stupid as to believe this "technique" is anything other than dumb-bell's fools gold?

It was bad enough jim aka jimbo allen proposed some similar techniques to view the "important midden messages" Turkmen rugs contain but to believe anyone would take a position that crossing one's eyes to view a Turkmen rug is anything other than complete lunacy stretches the limits of sanity well past to breaking point.

Professor clown is a dope of major proportions and the reality he keeps proving this over and over adds tons of weight to our objections to his playing expurt on the internet. Get lost, steev, time was up for a moron like you long ago.

For laughs, we suggest readers venture over into clownland and read for themselves the most ludicrous thread ever posted anyhwere on the net about Turkmen weavings.

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