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Tue, Jun 13th, 2006 02:47:01 AM
Topic: Belly-flop@the hali fair

RK has now heard from several readers who attended one or more days at the hali fair. To a man, each of them told us how disappointed they were with the number of dealers present and with the quality of the goods on offer.

Of course, they also mentond the far too over-optimistic prices for anything other than the most pedestrian examples.

Compared to the fair two years ago, we heard many dealers were absent and the far larger number of masterpieces seen then were not visible this time.

Also, there was a similarly light showing of dealers for the general antiques fair the hali fair is attached to. In fact, where there formerly had been a number of seperate halls filled with antique dealer, this year there was only one.

RK knows well the number of dealers present does not ne nessarily make or break anyone's chances to score a masterpiece weaving. This year was no exception to that rule but the paucity of great pieces on offer was limited to very, very few pieces of merit. In fact, once again, from what we heard there wasn't one genuinely killer piece in RK's realm anywhere to be seen.

That said let us qualify that broad statement -- at least in regards to an early Turkmen, Caucasian or Anatolian weaving.

There are a number of possible reaons for this, the most significant and salient of which is the too crowded schedule of fairs and outings most "international"-level dealers are now attending.

Great rugs don't grow on trees and the last sotheby new york auction and now the hali fair prove this point in spades.

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