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Tue, Jun 27th, 2006 12:45:31 PM
Topic: Get Yer Facts Straight, Clown

Once again professor steev, the clown, price has proven his penchant for twisting the truth and exaggerating RK's claims his continued posing on the Internet should be seen as anything other than a rug idiot mouthing off are false and slanderous. We also claims his website is equally inexpert and it presents a false impression of historic Oriental Rugs to anyone who happens to visit it.

Today price posted the following in defense of our claims:

“Hi People

Cassin posted more nonsense on his "forum" about our interaction today, and here's an interesting excerpt from it:

Acts of malice? Lies? Misrepresentations? A steady stream of them?

Phuleeze, professor clown provide some proof ... everything we write is true and factual.

That should leave anyone breathless in disbelief. I don't want to list all of it here, but here's enough to make the point. Let's start with lies:

1. He informed the world that all of my academic credentials came from "podunk colleges". Not as opinion, as fact. This was before he learned that I hold two advanced degrees from Princeton University. The legal term for such disinformation is "reckless disregard for the truth."

2. He informed the world that I had never published anything in my professional career. Not as opinion, as fact. Nobody here cares about the details (at least, I don't see any reason why anyone should), but the list of publications on my CV occupies about 10 pages.

3. He informed the world that I had never received any professional awards in my career. Again, details are irrelevant, but my CV lists eleven "Honors and Awards", including three from foreign organizations, five from the federal government, and three from my institution. This doesn't include consultantships to various government agencies or private companies, research grants, or election by my colleagues to the highest office open to a member of the graduate faculty at my institution.

4. He informed the world that I was blacklisted as a research grant applicant by the National Academy of Sciences. In fact, that isn't a granting agency (except for a few specialized areas, none of which have anything to do with my field).

How about malice?

1. He has, on more than one occasion, contacted some of my colleagues, my departmental chair and assistant chair, and my university's president, by e-mail and by telephone. In each case, the message was that I should be terminated, my obvious incompetence being an embarrassment to my department and to my university. This amounts to malice even in the restricted meaning applied to it under the law. The formal term is "tortious(sic) interference with (my) livelihood and reputation".

2. He has posted my likeness, without my permission, on his website. It identifies me, and has been altered with the obvious intent to humilate(sic) (my recollection is that I hold a sign announcing that I am an idiot, or some such thing). This, too, easily meets the legal test for malice.

So, when Cassin announces (as he did this morning) that everything we write is true and factual, he's just lying again.”

Anyone who has read what we have said about price knows he is stretching our words and even worse fabricating others we did not say to further his feeble attempt to prove we are slandering and maligning him.

Frankly, if what price wrote was true he would have superior grounds to silence us legally and seek damages.

But, because, as we have said over and over, our statements about him are factual and true, that avenue is not open to him.

In fact, should he ever try to legally silence us we have a stronger case for malicious use of the law because everything we have said is true.

Regardless of any discussion concerning the picayune facts of price’s less than stellar career as a “scientist” and an educator, forget his claims to any expertise as a rug expert, we will now publish the letter we sent to his department chair, Dr Biber, that had a copy cc to his university’s president.

Have a read and you will note how price’s characterization of our words are as bent and twisted as the rest of his claims we are bullying him.

Dear Dr. Biber:
cc. Eugene Triani:

Your university must have very liberal regulations governing the conduct and activities of the professors it employs.

I have already spoken in the past to several member of your Physiology Department and found the situation that is the impetus of this email, Dr. Steve Price's extracurricular activities, are already well known.

Perhaps my describing them as the butt of some humor amongst these colleagues of yours might give a succinct picture of what I learned from those calls.

I would also imagine Dr. Price’s less than sterling professional record and accomplishments as a scientist and an educator, no only his outside activities, are also part of that levity.

Dr. Price is clearly running a personal business out of his office and, while that business does not trade or deal on any commercial level, it is a business in the sense he is selling himself and his illusionary knowledge about Oriental Rugs to all who might be unlucky enough to come into contact with him.

Granted, I have expressed my dismay and dislike of Dr. Price's activities to him directly and, at times, the tenor of those missives has been brutal.

However, Dr. Price's replies and his continuing assault on my integrity and professional achievements, which by the eclipse anything Dr. Price could ever, or has ever, achieved in any realm, have demonstrated conduct on his part that is entirely unbecoming and unprofessional.

In fact, Dr. Price has often raised the ante with his disgusting and vile replies to my requests he cease and desist from presenting himself to the public as something he clearly isn't -- knowledgeable about Oriental Rugs.

I have included below a sample -- an email Dr. Price sent me in 2002. I have many others with far more recent dates.

In that email not only does he falsely attack me with outrageous claims that have no substantiation but also in the same breath he likewise defames a world famous archaeologist, my colleague and friend, Professor James Mellaart.

Mellaart's discoveries in Turkey of the Neolithic sites of Hacilar and Catal Huyuk not only revolutionized the archaeological record of that country but also, in fact, have changed the entire face of what is known about the Near Eastern Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods.

To refer to me in the terms Dr. Price has could be overlooked but the continuing and ongoing defamation, without ever providing a shred of actual evidence, is untenable.

I can no longer stand silent.

The foul language and libel Dr. Price seems to feel he can spill with impunity will, I trust, make you understand the severity of my claim.

This is but one of many such emails I have received.

Clearly, no tenured professor who is entrusted with the duty of supposedly molding the youth of our country into their roles as adults should ever act in the manner Dr. Price has adopted.

Truly, what he has done in the past, and continues to presently, is a disgrace not only to these woven artworks and me but also to your University and specifically to your department.

Dr. Price is a clown and allowing him to cavort like that while ostensibly he is working as an educator or scientist is something I am sure you need to address and to do soon.

I have spent almost 40 years of my life working to raise appreciation for these objects and having a boorish lout like Dr. Price tramping on these grounds is something I cannot countenance any longer.

Nor will I, and that is the reason for my writing to you today.

I have voluminous proof to substantiate my claims and would, with pleasure, be glad to share more of that with you at any time.

Not to make this email any longer than necessary I will close now and hope what I have written will spur you, or the administration at large, into taking some action.

I have sent a copy of this to the Office of the President, Eugene Triani to assist you in any efforts you feel might be necessary to address this situation.

Sincerely yours,

Jack Cassin
Weaving Art Museum
a nonprofit art organization

Author: jc
Tue, Jun 27th, 2006 12:45:31 PM

After viewing the latest dribble those sock puppet rug idiots steev price and filiberto boncompagni have scribbled about the Weaving Art Museum, we informed them we were through responding.

We mean it and will, from now on, refrain from commenting.

However, should either of them cross the lines of legality or ethical propriety we will make good on our threat to haul price into a court of law for slander, libel and defamation.

Both these clowns know their attempts to denigrate the Weaving Art Museum and our efforts to raise appreciation for historic masterpiece weavings are futile.

So are their lame and pointless pedantic nit picking references and ridiculous assertions.

RK has received email from concerned readers about his and all of them have advised us to quit glorifying price=clown by responding to his stupid claims.

As we wrote the other day, we don't believe allowing idiots like filiberto and price to have the last word is to our benefit but considering their inablility to realize when their ludicrous arguments have been shredded by the facts, we do agree with our readers advice and will not continue.

We also plan to soon do some writing on other topics here on RugKazbah now that our limted time schedule will not be consumed dealing with sock puppets clowns.

Author: jc
Mon, Jun 26th, 2006 02:20:39 PM

RK has become the "hottest" topic on professor clown's website since he made a distinct topic area devoted solely to RugKazbah.com and yours truly.

The sock puppet rug idiot professor price even offered RK the opportunity to respond to his postings and we have. However, in his typical autocratic and undemocratic fashion, steev has chosen to abstract our replies by taking our words out of context and, even worse, to refuse to publish some of them.

We should also state we have done so against our better judgement. That said, the fact we have learned over the years, the hard way mind you, leaving someone like price to have the last word is never a wise choice has overtaken that better judgement and motivated us to respond on his board and here as well.

Therefore, we have decided to republish price=clown's latest comments with a few bon mots from us in bold italics.

"Cassin submitted a reply, but again submitted it as JC. The message was rejected in the moderator queue.

We have called price a pompous pedant before and his refusal to publish our comments because we wrote JC instead of our full name is just another example of why price=clown proudly wears that sobriquet.

There were some relevant comments in it, and I show them here (in italics).

1. Concerning my asking why WAMRI's extensive photoessays are called exhibitions instead of what they are, he wrote: If you agree they are far more extensive..blah blah why then get all pedantic and qualify them as photo essays?

The reason is uncomplicated. They aren't exhibitions, they are extensive essays. There's nothing pedantic about calling them what they are. It's dishonest to call them exhibitions, an extension of dishonestly naming the website as a museum and research institute.

This moronic answer not only begs the question: What is an exhibition, it more so demonstrates price's inability to give credit where credit is due and furthermore questions his honesty and calls into question his positions to the max.

2. In response to my asking why he called WAMRI a museum when he knew that it wasn't one and never intended for it to be one, and to my asking why he signs off as "Founder, Weaving Art Museum and Research Institute" when corresponding with strangers, he avoided answering and expressed irritation at the questions. So, I offer an explanation that seems obvious to me. Using that name for his website and identifying himself as the founder of a museum and research institute is self-aggrandizing and intended to enhance his status to the recipient, bestowing on him a credential with no more substance than a mail order advanced degree.

Claiming the founding of the Weaving Art Museum is akin to buying an "advanced mail order degree" is completely ridiculous, shows price knows nothing about the complicated and extensive process involved in setting up a non profit public charity organization and, once more, shows his dishonesty in presenting dumb opinions as facts.

We have ridiculed price's positions for exactly this reason and his refusal to face the fact his opinions are often stupid and misplaced doesn't speak well for someone who is a "scientist and educator"

3. In response to my asking what became of his donations to WAMRI, since it now has no assets and has never spent anything toward its objective of supporting research, he evaded answering the question and expressed irritation.

This is more BS and here is what we have written into price's board to counter his bogus assertions:

"Steve's claim I avoided the issue of my donations is, also, untrue and absurd, as was his reference I had benefited in any way from them, or done anything that is improper.

For the record, I have never donated anything to the museum, nor have I ever received or taken any tax donations or advantages.

Parts of my collection are on LOAN to the museum, however, they are not donated.

Nor have I ever donated any money to the museum. I have loaned money to the museum and the issue of repayment of those funds will be decided by the Board of Directors at some time when and if funds ever exist to repay those loans."

4. In response to my asking when he intended to get the "research institute" activities of WAMRI off the ground, he wrote: Geting it of the ground? Phluzzee, professor, what, again, are you saying. and why should anyone, besides you care enough to go on about something that is perfectly obvious?

Do you see an answer to my question? Neither do I. His spelling and punctuation are, as always, fascinating and creative. Regards, Steve Price"

RK would invite the rug idiot professor clown to take a look in a mirror to see the outer limits of self-aggrandization and pomposity. RK is growing tired of his moronic assertions and we are now actively exploring our legal options to silence him and seek damages.

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 23rd, 2006 11:59:47 AM

The clown of the rug world, steev price, has accused RK of removing posts from this discussion board.

This claim is nothing more than another example of price's exaggerated, fallacious and totally absurd statements. We have challenged him to produce all these "missing" pages as he says he has them stored in two locations on hard drives.

We are sure he will, once again, provide nothing other than a picyune example or two that will hardly support the blanket claims he has leveled.

When RugKazbah was first online, years ago, we did have a software problem that removed one or two short threads from the board. Thi happened in the first two moths of operation and even at that time we were accused of removing them when our explanation clearly supported what happened.

Last December, 2005, RugKazbah was hacked by powers unknown and the entire "World News and Views" Topic Area was removed.

We have had that incident investigated and the results of that investigation are quite startling.

We have been advised not to discuss what happened publicly and but we might, depending upon the circumstances, reveal some of the facts to anyone who emails us.

Besides those two incidents every word sent into this board remains and is here for anyone to see.

The fact that sock puppet rug-idiot steev price makes these claims and is then proven to be a liar is something anyone can see.

Watch what he publishes to support his allegations, we are sure it will be more of the same -- exaggerated or totally fallacious.

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