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Wed, Jun 28th, 2006 10:53:11 AM
Topic: Sock Puppet Babble

Here is the latest edition of professor price=clown and his equally idiotic sidekick, filiberto boncompagni, sputterings on the Weaving Art Museum.

We have said we will no longer respond and won't. However, we will say this: Because these two rug idiots lack the knowledge and expertise to comment on what is written on WAMRI and because both of them are proven pedantic nit picking clowns, there are no actual avenues open to them to debate anything with us.

Therefore they have been relegated into making dopey assertions and presenting ludicrous opinions.

And for someone who "doesn't give a damn..." both of them sure have spent alot of time attempting to sully WAMRI and myself. Too bad their spitball approach is about as effective as an ant biting an elephant's toe.

Perhaps if either of them used the hours they have spent "researching" WAMRI to try and learn something about Oriental Rugs they would ralize how little they know and how over their heads they are in trying to discuss anything with us.

Read on and have a laugh:

Filiberto Boncompagni

It seems JC had enough bashing, for the moment. He signaled the intention to refrain from responding to our questions, both through the usual insulting messages he sent to us and on RK.

An excerpt from the latter, posted yesterday: “ As we wrote the other day, we don't believe allowing idiots like filiberto and price to have the last word is to our benefit but considering their inablility to realize when their ludicrous arguments have been shredded by the facts, we do agree with our readers advice and will not continue. (the misspelling is original JC’s)

Yeah, our “ludicrous arguments have been shredded by the facts”.

What a pity, I’d really like to hear JC’s answer about WAMRI’s “Board of Directors”.

In lack of it, I only can imagine his Board of Directors as “JC sitting in front of half a dozen of mirrors”.

For the record, I don’t give a damn about JC and his websites, and my position was always to ignore him. But, as on **** we agreed for a different strategy - creating a section dedicated to him but separated from the normal discussions - I felt an obligation to give some help to Steve. And I enjoyed it!

After all, this section is the response to JC’s trolling on ****: he can blame himself for it.

And he can be damned sure he will get more response at the next occasion. (not that I think it's all over yet) Regards, Filiberto

Steve Price

Hi All

Our ludicrous arguments have been shredded by the facts? Time for a reality check. Here are some unshredded facts that can all be found within this thread.

1. WAMRI is not and was never intended to be a museum.

2. After 9 years, WAMRI has not yet taken the first step toward doing the things that a research institute does.

3. WAMRI's "exhibitions" aren't exhibitions, they're essays.

4. Cassin signs correspondence to strangers as "Founder, Weaving Art Museum and Research Institute". If this has any purpose other than to mislead the recipient into thinking he's something that he isn't, I can't imagine what that might be. He has offered no alternative explanation.

5. Cassin claims to have part of his collection "on loan" to WAMRI, but is unable to provide any clarification on how rugs can be "on loan" to an entity that exists only as files on a server. The obvious answer to this riddle: the rugs are where they would be if they were not "on loan", as is his access to them, right to use and sell them, etc. That is, "on loan to a museum" is self-aggrandizing baloney.

6. Cassin claims that "WAMRI has permanent status as public charity and with that legal definition we can grant tax ememptions to all donors and distribute those funds to any type of organization or individual we believe will help to accomplish our goals and mission." After a diligent search, I am unable to find WAMRI among the Internal Revenue Service charities to which one can make donations and deduct them from income taxes.

So, JC, what are our ludicrous arguments that the facts have shredded? The only ones I see that meet that description are yours. To put it into words that a dumb bastard like you can understand: get your facts straight.

Regards to all, Steve Price

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