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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sat, Jul 1st, 2006 06:08:23 PM
Topic: "You Can't Fix Stupid"

The vacuous brouhaha over the chuval we pictured in another thread demonstrates our conviction professor price's website is basically worthless.

We do recognize it can be, and is, a place for beginning collectors to share the airport-art rugs and worse they find with others, who are equally rug ignorant, as well as with pseudo-expurts like price, howe, boncompagni, silverman, amstey, et al.

This function is unassailable and, while RK would prefer seeing it as a private email group, like blurry o'CONnell's yahoo chat group, it does fulfill that purpose. But, in the end, it hardly serves any higher one.

This is also unassailable.

Do any of the rugs intentionally posted there "raise appreciation" for the art form?

Does any of the commentary, except for the very occassional post, do anything to "raise appreciation" for the art form?

Do any of the "expurts" who frequently contribute have anything original to say?

RK, and we are sure anyone with experience in this field, would have to answer "No" to these questions.

Please note, there are other equally pointed questions RK could pose and, likewise, they would all have to be answered in the negative.

So what exactly does professor price=clown's website add to the study and appreciation of Oriental Rugs?

We have posed this question before and, so far, no one has demonstrated even one element to support turkotrekk.com's existence.

We titled this "You Can't Fix Stupid" and lifted the line from a cable TV comic who, we are told, frequently utters it during his act.

Actually, it fits the price-clown-group quite well, as they are truly stupid when it comes to discussing any substantative issue related to genuinely old rugs.

But their failure to post anything of relevance pales compared to their refusal to face the fact they can't.

So, steev & company, remember "You Can't Fix Stupid" and regardless of how hard you try to denigrate others who are light-years past you in rugdom, you will always remain the ignorant poseurs you were before you started clownland or began visiting it.

To all of you: Go back and read your initial posts and then compare them with what you are dribbling out today.

There ain't no difference in them, clowns, and RK says it's time you internalized that cable TV comic's line -- you just can't fix stupid.

Author: Carl Young
Sat, Jul 1st, 2006 06:08:23 PM

RK Replies:

We have decided to add some comments in italics after yours.

Hi JC. You are the one who claims to be a rug scholar, not I.

RK has never once claimed to be a rug scholar. This statement about us, and others you wrote that are equally as inaccurate, are yours, not ours. We will gladly agree we are knowlegeable and have expertise but would never state we are a rug scholar either on this forum or any other.

In fact, I do not even consider myself a serious collector so why would you think I would want to even try to joust with you or compare "collections"?

Again you are fabricating statements and ascribing them to us. We surely did not state we'd want to compare "collections" with you, nor did we offer to joust with you, sir.

RK suggests you get yer facts straight and quit trying to put words in our mouth.

I have my own professional career and this is just an occasional hobby for me. More importantly, why would a serious scholar like you want to waste your time debating with someone uninformed like me?

When did we offer to debate anything with you? Was it in your dream last night? Or perhaps your afternoon siesta?

The purpose of my previous post was to make an observation about your general demeanor and approach to others who enjoy rugs and textiles, and to try to understand the basis for your self-designation as an expert.

1. Frankly we care liitle about your "observations", particularly because they are clearly prejudice and colored with mistruths and innuendo.

2. What, carl, could you possibly know about RK's approach to those who "enjoy" rugs? Are you speaking of clowns like price and filiberto, who enjoy playing as expurts? Or is it the cut and paste jobs the majority of their posts contain that show you they "enjoy" rugs?

As far as we can tell their "enjoyment" is limited to seeing their names in print on a piss-puddle of a website that more often than not presents mis- and dis-information as fact.

Oh yes, please excuse our overlooking their "enjoyment "of airport-art rugs they think/hope are something they are not.

3. "Self-designation as an expert"? Phuhleeeeeze, carl-boy, cut the crap.

RK is recognized by many as knowledgeable and our expertise has been proven over and over. We need not prove anything to someone of your ilk, my man. How foolish of you to think we'd waste our time doing something that is easily determined by your own efforts.

Oh, yeah, right again, carl -- sure you had trouble learning anything about us because you sit at the knee of the rug envious clown, steev price. Get off his lap, carl, and you might actually stand a chance of learning something -- not only who and what RK is.

Since you have not offered any more information about your own scholarly achievements can I assume that my previously stated understanding is correct?

So far the only thing you got right about us is our initials --JC.

I would welcome more information from you about your scholarly achievements so that I can better evaluate your expertise.

Would you like us to spit the info into your mouth after we chew it or before so you can cut your baby teeth on it?

Get real, carl, if you want to converse with RK, remember this is not romper room.

I hardly think that sitting back and inviting novices like me to submit to your invective and abuse amounts to more scholarly achievement.

Listen up, dingo: You come here spouting a bunch of hearsay BS about us and expect a red-carpet welcome and a glad hand?

You're lucky we don't backhand you into the cheap seats, carl.

Go do some investigation outside of professor clown's clutches.

Talk to people who are rug savvy about us -- you might actually learn something.

But don't come here with your shit-eating grin and service-station smile expecting to be treated like anything other than another spitball throwing clown who is trying to prove what he doesn't even have a clue about.

'Nuff said?

Author: Carl Young
Sat, Jul 1st, 2006 01:38:09 PM

RK Replies: Greetings Carl (if that's really your name, something we doubt mucho): How's Winnipeg, Canada treating ya?

Are you a psychiatrist? Or a psychologist? Or perhaps a psychotherapist?

We'd offer the guess you ain't any of the above but are, like professor clown, just a fool who thinks he knows about as much as a freshman who just took his psych 101 midterm.

If you hadn't noticed RK doesn't respond to the therapist BS you are trying to play, so do it again and we'll look more harshly on your transgression than we do presently.

As for the rest of your impertinent post? Well, carl, let's just say you appear to know as little about RK's writing and rug history as you probably do about anything to do with historic rugs

However, if that's not true we'll be glad to eat our words should you be able to demonstrate your prowess and expertise here on our discussion board.

Go ahead, carl, dazzle us with some bon mots about any group of historic weavings or even one in particular. Post a photo in the buy/sell area called Photos for Discussion or just email it, or them to webmaster@rugkazbah.com.

We'll be glad to insert it in your forthcoming post, that is if you have enough rug guts and savvy to brave our critique, since you should expect to reap back what you have already sown.

Be sure RK, and the rest of RugKazbah.com's audience are all awaitin', so don't miss your chance to make us eat them words.

By the way, carl, your lack of knowledge about RK's accomplishments in rugdom smacks of someone who has been privy to steev price=clown's prejudiced and fallacious views about that subject.

Are we wrong in thinking you are just another clownland lackey?

We are also not sorry but this is how RK deals with interlopers like you, carl, we give them the opportunity to "put up or shut up".

And while we'd be the first to admit our bedside manner might be interpreted as a bit brusk, it surely is not as autocratic, hypocritical and heavy-handed as some other people's, now is it.


Hi "JC". I would also mention that "you can't fix personality disorders" either, and many psychiatrists would concur.

I mention this because of your seeming inability to govern your ego and temper in communications with others, which almost completely overshadows any "discussion" you would like to have about the topic of rugs and historic textiles.

You make a big thing about your ability to master the intellectual rigors associated with proper rug appreciation, but based on what you have revealed about your own scholarly career it doesn't look all that challenging.

You apparently believe that you are in the very upper echelon of rug scholars (if not peerless), but as far as I can tell your scholarly output over several DECADES amounts to a few non-peer reviewed books on textiles, a few non-peer reviewed articles published on your own website (WAMRI), and the management of an internet discussion board on rugs, to which you are by far the most voluminous contributor.

In any other scholarly field that paltry amount of intellectual output over several decades would hardly qualify you as much more than a dilettante.

If I have misrepresented your scholarly contributions, I apologize and would welcome your correction.

Otherwise, I think that if you are truly serious about raising appreciation for historic rugs and textiles, you might want to stop spending your time insulting and arguing with people on the internet and start working on more scholarly pursuits.

Author: ??????
Sat, Jul 1st, 2006 12:51:11 PM

RK Replies:

Greetings once again, Alice/Dorothy

Yes, we know it's you but frankly we don't care too much about someone who is too afraid to post here under their real name.

We, by the way, is RK -- you know the imperial I/me.

You'll get used to it and hope you don't mind our correcting your typo -learning.

Unlke professor clown, RK is not too concerned about spelling -- we go for content, and that's something steev t he rug idiot has always exhibited trouble discerning.


You are right, Jack. there is no discernable learning curve on that site. Its frustrating. However, may I also inquire who "RK and we.." are? how many of you are there?

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