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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jul 17th, 2006 02:03:06 PM
Topic: More Airport Art Lands in Clownland

Learning about oriental rugs in public is annoying and can be easily likened to learning to play the violin or tuba with an audience really quite embarrassing and something that should be done in private, or at least, without strangers present.

This caveat, though as real as it is, has never been taken to heart by professor clown and his crew.

Poking fun at them for the myriad of errors, gaffs, boners and worse they transmit to the public daily has proven to be a waste of time for RK.


The main reason is their refusal to face the fact they consistently make fools of themselves in the process of supposedly trying to learn about rugs, let alone those like price and jr howe who think they already do know something.

RK has basically given up viewing their website or commenting about it.

We did, just this afternoon, pay a visit and chuckled over professor clown and companies mucky-de-muck over this late, commercial period small Yomud main rug:

There is nothing interesting, important or even worthwhile about a piece of airport art like this.

It is beyond us to fathom why even rug clowns and fools like price et. al. post on and on about pieces of this mediocre level.

We do know price et. al. know virtually nothing about historic rugs but even rug idiots of their proportions should realize rugs of this ilk are nothing more than hand-tied machine made rugs knocked out without the slightest quotient of art, history or beauty.

Granted beauty is in the eye of the beholder but even those with eyes wide shut as much as professor price=clown and company have exhibited should be able to discern this when faced examples like this Yomut Kepse gol mediocrity.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jul 17th, 2006 02:03:06 PM

Saying a rug is young or saying it is a commercial piece of airport-art is quite a difference. Or is that lost on you?

The rest of the discussion there is also rather misleading and inept.

What would RK have said if the Yomud rug was posted here?

We would have called the spade a spade and told the owner it was nothing more or less than what it is.

Did the mini-minds in clownland do that?

We'd have to say no.

By the way, the owner of the rug needs to have the facts of life read to him, otherwise he will continue to buy more pieces of drek like that thinking they are something important.

Let us also state there is nothing wrong with this Yomud rug, or others of its ilk, if the purchaser(s) wants to keep his tootsies warm on a cold winter night.

But discussing the merits of something like that is pointless and foolish, as the rug has no history nor is it beautiful as compared to other Turkmen rugs.

Let's also get this clear -- commercial rugs like this rug are not worthy of any thought or concern by anyone once the fact of their totally commercial provenance is noted.

They are as important as a Big Mac or a large Pepsi. Would you spend time discussing their merits?

Author: Eddie Mon, Jul 17th, 2006 08:56:17 AM

RK, be fair... The Yomut rug was posted by someone who is working in Afghanistan and admits that he is just beginning to learn about rugs. The first response to his post told him that the rug was a "young one". How would RK.com have handled this case differently? By censoring the initial post? By insulting the novice who posted the rug? Or just as was done, by informing the person who posted the rug that it was young and that the irregularities are not uncommon. The rest of the discussion deals with a few types of systematic and inept mistakes that weavers make.

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