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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sat, Jul 29th, 2006 06:44:08 PM
Topic: Incapable


what a pathetic failure you are

you can't even accomplish the most simple task without fucking it up

here is the ebay item number for the gopaz ensi


go look it up, if you can even manage that task now that you have the correct info

amongst other facts you will see there were other bidders, you old dumb fool

again you prove a fat fuck, failure, liar and on top of all those glorious attributes, and others we could just as easily cite, add dumb bastard to the list


and tell your sidekick, filiberto the feeble one, he, too, is as low and slow as you are

what a pair of complete losers you both are, and, yesshhhh, to think you both feel clownland is a service to anything other than your own dreams of glorification....pathetic, truly pathetic

and note that soon, steev, you will not be smiling about your stupidity...just wait and see

Author: jc
Sat, Jul 29th, 2006 06:44:08 PM

Evening, John:

If you email us a photo of your piece and a detail of that amulet we will be glad to comment.

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Sat, Jul 29th, 2006 05:17:17 PM

i saw a comment that the botom elem is very unusual. I have a piece (not an ensi) with a virtually identical elem and would appreciate your comments on it, as well as the ensi itself.

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