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Sat, Aug 26th, 2006 11:21:01 AM
Topic: Round Two

Over the past few months RK has received a few emails questioning why we have basically ignored steve price's attempts to sully and denigrate our expertise, reputation and accomplishments in the world of oriental rugs.

In all these emails, as well as some other phone calls and personal contacts, we were advised to counter price's often juvenile and way off the mark assertions.

Some even intimated we should approach price directly and convince him to cease and desist.

Quite frankly, we told these people we could care less about price's spit-ball approach and his lame claims against us: Water off the duck’s back might best describe our position.

Fact is, besides slinging innuendo and absurdities in our direction, price really has nothing of substance to say about us regardless of all his braying to the contrary.

We all also know price can't possibly do anything else because his understanding of historic Near Eastern weavings, which are after all RK’s main interests, is so pathetically inadequate and patently too far below the level any substantative discussion with us would require.

This, and nothing else, is what price has demonstrated throughout his campaign against RK.

To wit his statement made on July 5, 2006:

"This thread is now closed to further posts (if anyone has anything significant to add, I'll reopen it.) Nothing in this thread deals with the quality of the content on WAMRI. I'll open threads on specific aspects of that as my time permits; readers are welcome to do so any time. Regards, Steve Price"

So far, six weeks later and counting, price has not made any genuinely credible, or even reasonably credible, attempt to "..deal with the quality of the content.." on the Weaving Art Museum website.

So why then, might we ask, has he remained mute and not made good on his claims?

Surely he can't claim to be too busy or occupied with other matters, as he has continued to post more innuendo and carpola about us, as well as we might add a host of other topics, on his discussion board.

Searching for an answer to this question is unnecessary, for price knows, and his silence proves, he sorely lacks the necessary rug expertise (as well as the intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to develop it) to mount any critique against any of the Weaving Art Museum exhibitions.

Fact also remains everytime we post something about price he feels compelled to answer and this time will, we are sure, not be any different -- nor will be the mealy-mouthed pompous and pedantic reply, you can bet the farm, price will issue forth as soon as he reads this.

And one other sure-thing bet you could tender is that price will read this before the proverbial digital ink it is written with is dry.

How do we know this, you might ask?

Simply put, we have rotational logs that keep track of the IP addresses of visitors to RugKazbah.com and price's is, and has been since our inception, one that invariably appears in the top 1%.

And that, like every other claim we have hung around his neck, is just another fact price, the rug-dunce, can't honestly deny or protest.

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