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Mon, Oct 9th, 2006 01:43:17 AM
Topic: Dumb Bastard 2 Part II

After the Salor torba incident, and considering sienknecht’s attitude that preceded it, we decided to give him the gate. We did not call him or, naturally, offer him anything and continued to avoid him like the plague when we saw him in public.

However, some years later we were forced to engage him and this engagement resulted in our now crowning him Dumb Bastard 2.

Each year there is, in the Fall, a Turkmen collectors meeting held in Germany.

Our old friend Werner Logis used to lead it but when he departed from the rug scene, for reasons of his own, that position was readily assumed by sienknecht.

By the way, we fully agree with Logis’s decision to remove himself from the rug scene because not only is it mostly populated with clowns and fools but, more significantly, it is basically vapid, empty and almost exclusively full of blah-blah of the most pedestrian nature.

Meetings and conferences where dolts and wannabe “stars” parade with attitudes that would make the emperor’s new clothes seem like Paris haut-couture don’t, in RK’s book, signify the lofty academic spin hali and others try to kite.

Anyway, our attendance at one of these meetings provided sienknecht to opportunity to prove what we have now publicly stated about him.

The meeting we speak of was held in Hamburg and though our memory for dates might not be very reliable, it surely is for what happens.

We have already written quite a bit about peter hoffscheister stealing our ideas and presenting them as his own and for those readers who are not aware of this we suggest using our search engine, which can be found on our homepage, to locate these posts.

Regardless of our demanding hoffscheister cease and desist from plagiarizing our material and return the photographs of Mellaart’s Catal Huyuk work he stole from us and copied without permission, hoffscheister did neither.

He never returned the photos he illegally reproduced and never stopped publicly presenting our ideas as his own.

We came face to face with hoffscheister’s thievery at this Turkmen Treffen(the German name for these yearly meetings, ed.) when hoffschiester had the stupidity to once again present the speech with the ideas we authored and show the photographs he stole out of our briefcase and copied.

This time, while he was presenting his “speech”, we got up out of our chair and walked over to sienknecht and politely requested he immediately stop hoffscheister, as the material he was presenting was being done so without permission and was, in fact, blatant plagiarism.

He immediately refused to do anything of the sort and when we made it clear he, as the leader of the group, had the responsibility to do something in an instance like this, he again refused.

In hindsight we realize we should have taken matters into our own hands and literally pull the plug on hoffscheister and shut him down. We should have taken the mic away from this thieving piece of crap and told everyone in no uncertain terms about his plagiarism and illegal use of copy written photographs.

But we did not want to make a scene and, as we recounted in our threads about hoffscheister giving the same speech in Munich some years earlier, we again foolishly let him proceed.

We were not very pleased hoffscheister had the stupidity to present the speech and photos once again, nor were we happy about sienknecht’s allowing him to do so.

This was sienknecht’s strike number two.

Once again, after his “speech” we cornered hoffscheister but, unlike doing this in private as we had done in Munich, this time we did it in public. However, doing it in public allowed hoffscheister the chance to run away and that’s what he did, literally run through the hall to escape.

As soon as we realized we’d have to now chase him through the hall, we let him weasel away.

We were aware a number of attendees to the meeting noticed this and picked up their ears at our telling hoffscheister what a thief he was.

We then left the meeting as we had several pre-arranged private meetings with some of the collectors who were present.

The next morning at the breakfast buffet we spied sienknecht and asked him to adjourn to an area that would be private so we could discuss what happened.

At first he declined but after we insisted and made it clear to him we were not going to leave him alone, he grudgingly agreed and we went into an empty, small dining room adjacent to the larger one.

We made it clear to sienknecht his refusal to act was not only personally insulting but showed a complete disregard of any leadership role he should have been required to fulfill as the head of the Turkmen Treffen.

He mouthed some BS excuses and then, outrageously, got indignant at our assertions.

To say his continued refusal to act and his now feigning indignation at our request did not go down very well with us would be an understatement.

Actually we were incredibly annoyed and we continued to make that clear to him.

Surprisingly, his next response was to throw a punch at us and, were we not trained, he might have succeeded in landing it. But we have spent some time learning how to defend our self and instantly backed away, leaving his right arm hanging in the air. Actually we should have grabbed it and dropped him to the ground but, once again, fearing the instant arrival of the police and being an auslander (foreigner,ed) who had just taken down a rich German, even though it was in self-defense, we were sure we’d have spent the afternoon, if not longer, at the local police station, maybe even behind bars.

So we just looked this rug-collecting pansy in the eye and told him next time he was in America we’d be glad to meet him and finish what he had started.

He turned red in the face and quickly ran back into the main dining room.

After this we went up to our room in the hotel, packed our bag and left the meeting.

To this day and because of our offer, we believe sienknecht has not been in America to attend any one of the rug events or exhibitions that have occurred since that Hamburg incident, which was we think in 1995 or 1996.

We will still be glad to meet sienknecht on our home turf and, when we do, we will be delighted to plant the strike three he threw at us that day in Hamburg on is face and crush him, like we would a fly on the wall.

But we realize a gay blade like sienknecht is a pussy and will not engage us.

Incidentally, the reason for our donning sienknecht with the Dumb Bastard number two crown at this moment was prompted by his recent refusal to allow us to attend this years Turkmen Treffen meeting, which is by chance again being held in Hamburg.

Even though we have been told we are not welcome we just might decide to appear there and give the one who is truly a dumb bastard and not the Turkmen konig some comeuppance and a major reality check.

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