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Tue, Oct 10th, 2006 03:34:06 PM
Topic: Rugkazbah.com

RugKazbah.com has been online now for almost 5 years and in that time we have written more than 2000 posts.

We have never bothered to count the percentage of them that are about weavings versus those about people who sell or collect them.

No matter, there are many, many posts that deal with weavings and we are sick and tired of emails that berate us for “picking on people”.

This is truly claptrap for several reasons:
1. because we only write about people to critique their attempts to forward ideas and/or information about weavings
2. to put into perspective certain individuals who had been accord undue respect, admiration or had their fraudulent, incorrect or absurd ideas trumpeted by the rug hierarchy
3. to set the record straight about those who have acted towards us improperly.

Some months ago we reproduced an article written in 1925 by Arthur Upham Pope, one of the most well known researchers the world of Oriental Rugs has ever spawned.

His vociferous condemnation of the lack of critique or serious discussion existing way back then is, sadly, still apparent today.

It is into this vacuum RugKazbah.com has been directed and those of you who are upset at us for telling it like it is can go take that proverbial jump into the lake of your choice.

We realize the nay-sayers are far more likely to write to us than those of you who agree with the positions we have beach-headed.

We accept this situation and can only say, so be it.

It is true lately we have not written much about rugs, rug auctions, rugs on the market or, in fact, anything related. You might know the reason for this but, if you don’t, let us verbalize it: There is nothing we find interesting or important enough to spend our time reporting.

Nor is there, in our humble opinion, anything of note happening, period.

Plus, we are not online to run RugStudies 101, 201 or anything more advanced.

We have disseminated plenty of information both here and on the Weaving Art Museum website and we doubt anyone who would try to negate this would be successful in convincing anyone or finding agreement with anyone but the most jaded and prejudiced of our detractors.

So there you have it. Until something noteworthy is happening Rugkazbah.com will probably be a pretty static place to visit.

That’s not to say we will not, from time to time, post but don’t expect daily missives.

We will, as always, be delighted to exchange views with any readers who care to write in here. However, as you all know, we do not suffer fool, clowns or posers and are not willing to allow anyone to denigrate us, our website, collections or interests.

’Nuff said?

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