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Tue, Nov 21st, 2006 09:20:23 PM
Topic: Bad, Badder, and Baddest

Is Good is Bad? Well, in the contemporary lexicon of some hip dudes and the dread-locked, bad is good.

But, as the bard from Avon quipped: “A rose by any other name is still a rose” and, in RK’s universe, no matter how much good one tries to smear on bad, it always remains, just that, bad.

As you all know, we have ridiculed the rug-idiot professor from Virginia Commonwealth University and his numbskull cohorts ad nauseam here on RugKazbah.com and the fact we have not done so lately definitely is not due to the fact these clowns have managed to raise the bar on their public malapropisms and stupid comments and opinions about antique rugs.

Far to the contrary, it has been full speed ahead for professor steev price et.al. to make mockery of the idea the turkohtek dot com website site comes anywhere close to fulfilling its lofty credos and alleged raison d’etre.

Case in point is their latest saloon presentation “Salon 116: Good, Better, Best: An Analogous Salon. by R. John Howe”.

So far all the submitted entries are, at best, number 5’s on a scale of 1-10. Many even fall below that mediocre mark.

And the commentaries offered up so far are laughable and typically pathetically amateurish. Naturally, price’s are leading the way.

We suggest readers with time on their hands surf over and have a peek for themselves and don’t miss steev the rug dunce’s take on the three kaitags he posted.

But rather than believing anything he says, we’d have to suggest these, and all other kaitags we’ve seen, should never have been used to cover some poor baby’s head to avoid the “evil eye”(as price claims) but rather been used to wipe up what didn’t make it successfully down their alimentary canals, as is wont the situation whenever little ones have their feeding time.

Author: The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Tue, Nov 21st, 2006 09:20:23 PM

RK Replies: Hi cevat, you clown.

Can't you get it straight? You know little and your trying to prove the contrary only proves the fact more.

Give it up and stay in professor clown's romper-room where children like you belong.


A Reader, {The Bad} I Just want to say that you are sucks like this board owner, maybe you are his other personalty participating this board, because there is no body in this universe will aggree with Jack, jack,{The Ugly} be your self, why don't you go a doctor, you can "may" be get better if they change you brain.... The good.

Author: A Reader
Mon, Nov 20th, 2006 11:12:42 PM

Hello Jack, You must be getting smarter or maybe I am just waking up to how much sense you make. My take on Good Better Best is that it is a clumsy attempt to use group consensus to validate their opinions. R. Howe has little taste and less knowledge. His tact seems to be using "sucking up" to gain "status" in what he sees as the in-group. I think Steve Price like encouraging toadies like R. Howe and David Hunt since they make him look good in comparison. Thanks for the clarion call that puts lie to their pretensions. A Reader

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 20th, 2006 02:53:47 AM

Visiting clownland and viewing the inane chatter, dopey opinions and occasional food-fights over who knows less is amusing. But it is also quite pathetic.

The world of historic rugs is a small one and almost entirely overlooked, or is it avoided, by most collectors and art lovers.

This situation is one we have often commented on and the presence on the internet of a website like turkohtek.com does absolutely nothing to change this perception.

In fact, it does nothing but enhance it and this, dear readers, is the main reason we have, and will continue, campaign to see it shut down and turned into the private “ my rug” email group it truly deserves to be.

Go check out some of the topics these magpies and clipped winged wanna-be fliers are “discussing” and you can not help agree with our sentiments.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 5th, 2006 09:52:47 PM

Having just viewed the latest responses to howe's saloon, and having had a good laugh about them, we truly wonder why these people continue to forward the charade they are doing anything other than illuminating the fact they all know hardly a thimble full about rugs and textiles or that they are doing anything other than glorifying that fact.

To critique the nonsense they write would be equally as foolish but, please now turkedtekkers, take a look in the mirror without those egoistic glasses you all wear and ask yourselves the 64,000 dollar question: Does what I write add anything to the corpus of knowledge?

Frankly, we are sure, should you answer this in the affirmative, you will be collectively, alone as RK knows we are not the only one who believes the contrary.

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