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Mon, Nov 13th, 2006 03:50:24 AM
Topic: Truth Hurts/re:galerie sailer

Yes, truth hurts but not nearly as much as the transgressions a creep like franz sailer perpetrates.

It's easy for RK to see how miscreants like sailer, and his just as phony wife ingrid, can, and do, ignore the truth about themselves. But can those who have suffered their deliberately fraudulent actions as readily dismiss their loss?

What this all about you might wonder?

Well, after we just read fat-boy schaeffer's bogus online canonization of the sailers and their now re-invented gallery in Mallorca, Spain we felt compelled to release some truth about this rug dealing couple of carpetbaggers.

In this regard, we have eye-witness information about the sailers that will do just that and, in the coming days, we will make that information public.

By the way, it's no wonder only hamburger danny and one other European rug dealer attended the opening of the sailer's gallery, as we are sure we are not the only one who knows what a self-serving, selfish and dishonest creep franz sailer truly is.

So stay tuned, we can promise after reading what we have to say, you won't be dubious nor will you ever believe that hali's glowing praise of the sailer's is now, or has ever been, anything other than hype, BS, payback for the advertising revenue hali collected from him and hopes to do so in the future.

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 13th, 2006 03:50:24 AM

Soon afterwards, without ever receiving any checks from sailer mind you, we went back to London, our base during this period, and after not hearing from sailer for another week (he was to have expressed mailed us the “checks”), we called him.

He claimed he had sent them and “they must have gone lost in the mail”.

After several more calls and because we were soon going to be leaving for N.Y., he then told us he would “re-mail them by certified mail and surely they would be waiting for us when we returned”.

No checks arrived and, in fact, it was not until about a month later and innumerable calls to sailer that, finally, a letter did arrive.

But instead of containing the three checks, one payable immediately and the other two post-dated, only one was enclosed. Naturally we presented it for payment and it was paid but that was the only money we got.

Well, we did eventually get more but we paid a heavy price to get that. Read on.

By now, after two months, sailer’s lame excuses and “apologies” were wearing as thin as a hobo’s trousers and we knew this affair was going to end in tears.

After another month or so passed and no more checks arrived we called sailer and told him, in no uncertain terms, we expected to be paid and would if required “visit” him soon.

He kept saying the checks are “in the mail” but we knew this was BS and, in fact, when we left to return to Europe none had ever appeared.

We did visit sailer at his gallery and, at this time, learned he “wanted to return the rugs”, supposedly because we had “shown them to other buyers”.

This, like sailer’s promises to pay or to send us the checks, was bogus as he was the first person to have been offered them.

To make a long miserable story short, we then hired a lawyer, who happened to be a partner in the law firm that represented IBM in Austria.

This was our first mistake because the attorney, Dr Salpius, must have been so busy with other, more important clients than RK, that he made several technical and procedural errors in his presentation to the court and, two years later when the case came to trial, it was thrown out by the judge.

By the way during this two year period, at one point sailer even sent the rugs back to New York expecting us to go to the airport and get them. We didn’t and eventually they were returned by to him.

Also, to get our lawsuit going and to keep it on track, we had to visit Salzburg and Dr. Salpius several times.

All in all this adventure, which was due entirely to sailer’s cheating and duplicitous ways, cost us plenty in both time and money. But we were not going to allow him to weasel out of a deal he made a year before; especially since during this time frame he had shown the rugs publicly and, quite clearly, had failed to sell them.

Remember, all this was done without ever paying us anything but the deposit and that, done grudgingly and two months late!

During the court proceedings both sailer and his wife were subpoenaed and had to testify.

They did so under oath and to tell you the truth the blatant lies they uttered were completely unbelievable.

The best was their presenting to the court an “ appraisal” they got from some nobody rug dealer, who undoubtedly ran one of those going-out-of-business rug shoppes.

He “appraised” the four pieces we sold sailer for less than a tenth of the value he was to pay us – for instance he “appraised” the prayer rug we pictured for $600.

The manner in which both sailer, and his equally as immoral and corrupt wife, comported themselves in court and under oath made mockery of not only their respect for the justice system, the obligations of being under oath, their respect for the truth but, more significantly, their respect for themselves.

Presenting such a stupid “appraisal” from an unrecognized rug expert, especially when sailer himself was listed as an official appraiser, was nothing compared to blatantly lying under oath and presenting a bunch of equally dishonest information to the court (like we had showed the rugs to other buyers, which of course he never even tried to substantiate), proved what creeps and carpet-baggers franz and ingrid sailer truly are.

It was lucky for them our attorney made those errors in his brief to the court.

We have to sign off here and will finish this story asap.

But before we go, let us just reveal that eventually we did win and sailer was forced to pay us but, in the end, this win was a Pyrrhic Victory as you will all learn when we recount the end of this revolting story.

Author: Ben Maxi
email: BenMaxi@hotmail.com
Tue, Nov 7th, 2006 05:43:53 AM

RK Replies:

Listen up, toad: RK has had more girlfriends than we should ever have been entitled to and your astonishment is as ill-informed as most of the other nonsense other equally as disturbed idiots have posted here.


The most astonishing fact is you having a girlfriend. Did you pay her by the day or by the hour?

Author: jc
Sat, Nov 4th, 2006 03:16:23 PM

It is quite probable many of you do not know much about RK’s real activities in selling pieces we have bought over the four decades we have been collecting historic Near Eastern weavings. And while we have always preferred to keep them rather private, naturally, the walls have ears and there has been some rabid (and mostly highly inaccurate) tongue wagging about what we have done.

Of course, this is not the place to detail our career as a rug dealer but, because one of the two stories we’d like to make public to back-up our accusation franz and ingrid sailer are sleazy, highly unethical and downright thieving carpetbaggers concerns a deal we unfortunately entered into with them, we have chosen to make public the following.

In 1986, as the sailers were opening their, at that time, “new” gallery in Salzburg we visited them, as we had been invited to the opening party.

In fact because we arrived quite late (actually on purpose as we abhor the inane social rituals of dopey chatter and cheap wine in plastic cups that invariably accompany art gallery openings), most of the festivities had already finished and there were only a few people remaining in their brand-spankingly new gallery on Philharmonikergasse.

We took a look around and, after some talk with the sailers, were invited to have a dinner with them so we could discuss the offer of several pieces we had previously told them we were interested in selling.

The sailers closed the gallery and took me and my girlfriend at the time to a very nice restaurant where we had a quite excellent meal.

Over dessert we showed them the photos of the pieces and it was no surprise to hear they were interested in all four of them.

When we then told sailer we had the pieces with us in our car, he suggested we go back to their house to look at them and we readily agreed.

Over coffee and some schnapps chez sailer we came to an agreement on a package deal price for all four after some fairly hard bargaining on sailer’s part.

When we asked him how he intended to pay for the pieces, he quickly said he would like to have some time to pay and we agreed to his offer to pay us immediately one third of the purchase price and then give us two postdated checks for the balance, one for 30 days and the other for 60 days hence.

Just as an aside we should explain we had done some previous business with sailer and he had paid immediately upon receipt of the pieces and, while we rarely agree to be paid after transferring the goods, we have and still do accept terms like that but only with those who have already established quite a high level of trust with us because of previous no problem dealings.

And, as sailer had up to that point been a man of his word, we readily agreed to his desire for post-payment.

However, we did not feel totally confident and asked him to sign a bill of sale detailing the arrangement we had forged.

He readily agreed and signed the handwritten agreement we prepared in his living room.

After he signed it, and by the way we drafted it as a personal agreement with him and not his gallery, which was a corporation, sailer then said “ Oh, gee, my checkbook is in the gallery and as it is so late would you mind if we sent it to you on Monday?

We thought this to be a bit bogus but as it was now late, had been snowing for some hours and we intended to drive back to Munich where we were staying, going back to the gallery would have delayed our departure even further so we rather grudgingly agreed and left with the agreement in hand but no checks.

Let’s just mention the ride back to Munich was a drive from hell, as the roads were mostly unplowed and the car we were driving had no snow tires.

But that drive was a piece of cake compared to the mess our agreeing to sailer’s terms involved us in.

Sorry to leave this hanging but have no time to continue. Nor do we have photos of but one of the pieces sailer bought that evening. However, it was the most important and valuable one.

Here it is:

We regret the poor quality of this photo but, as we don’t have at the moment access to our collection of photos, we are unable to scan a better one of it or any of the other three, and this digital archival one will have to suffice for the present.

We also do not have access to the rather thick folder that holds the agreement sailer signed or the rest of the court papers, etc.

Yes, that’s right RugKazbah fans, sailer proved our suspicions to the max and we will, in the next installments of this public airing, explain the sticky slope of disingenuity and dishonesty sailer actions caused us to traverse.

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