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Thu, Nov 16th, 2006 03:26:31 PM
Topic: Truth Hurts/re:galerie sailer - finale

After sailer won the court case we decided to not allow him the pleasure of having screwed us and also getting to keep the rugs after paying only 30 percent of the agreed purchase price.

So it was very soon afterwards, maybe a month or two, we were in Salzburg again to meet a tough attorney who had been recommended to us by a friend.

This attorney was, believe it or not, Kaddafi's, personal, legal representative in Europe.

He came highly praised and we received a personal invitation from him to visit, also courtesy of our friend.

After talking with him for a half hour or so and explaining the case in some detail, he explained trying to get a retrial on appeal would not be difficult but would it take quite some time to reach the calendar, maybe 3-4 years. Then, there was the matter of a large retainer for his services.

He told us winning the case would be possible but that time period could add another 3-4 years.

He then, quite unexpectedly, asked some further details about exactly who this rug dealer was.

We mentioned sailer's name and a bit more about him and the attorney then asked if sailer had a store in Salzburg.

After confirming this to him, the attorney proceeded to tell us an amazing story.

Seems he and his wife had some years ago bought some "antique" rugs from the sailers. They were quite pleased with them until, sometime later, a friend of theirs visited who knew about rugs and they learned the rugs were not really antique or worth nearly what they had paid.

His wife tried unsuccessfully to return them and get a refund. He then called sailer up personally to request one.

Naturally sailer told him the rugs were his and there would be no refund.

The attorney said he suggested sailer ask around about him and then, perhaps, after doing this sailer would change mind.

When the attorney called sailer back, he got the refund and an apology.

Hearing this, faced with new legal expenses and years of waiting, we asked him if he would mind us calling sailer.

He said it was fine and handed us the phone.

We called sailer and after congratulating him on his recent win in court, we told him we had a new attorney and were going to appeal the verdict.

He told us he didn't care and blah, blah, blah.

However, when we told him who our new attorney was, suddenly there was silence on the other side of the phone.

We could almost hearing that carpet-bagging creep, sailer, gulp.

Anyway, when we suggested he meet with us to resolve the issue, he readily agreed.

End of the story -- he paid us on the spot and in full for some of the rugs and we agreed to take the others back.

But, in the end, we lost big, as what we spent in time and money was never returned.

To this day, we will never forget the sleazy, lying BS sailer laid on us. Nor will we forget the ludicrous maneuvers he and his equally unprincipled wife presented in court or their lying under oath.

Lessons like this are totally unnecessary and completely alien to RK's universe.

If sailer didn't want the rugs after purchasing and paying for them we would have been glad to exchange them for any others that we had for sale.

But to be screwed around for payment for months and then, summarily, told we had to take them back? Bah vongula, franz, you dumb bastard.

In RK's universe what the sailer's did -- using trust to deceive -- is despicable and we are sure the attorney's experience, and ours, were not unique and there are others who have been similarly treated.

By the way, RugKazbah fans, our recounting the history of sailer, or any of the other people who we have exposed, has not been questioned by those concerned.

We all know why: Because what RK writes is the truth, it is fact.

We have all the court papers of the sailer matter to back up what we write about him. Or, for that matter, about others, like hoffscheister or sienknecht, etc and thatís also why they protesteth not.

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