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Tue, Dec 5th, 2006 12:01:29 PM
Topic: Sock-puppet steev

Our dislike and distain for steev price’s efforts at running a rug “website” and pawning himself off as someone in the know about rugs is legendary.

So are, but to a far lesser extent, price’s efforts at dissing us and what we have done. Too bad anyone with even half a brain could realize the validity of the former and ridiculousness of the latter.

We have rebuked and critiqued price’s dumb as rocks ideas and opinions about rugs, as well as his alleged accomplishments in his chosen field of endeavor - physiology.

Today, for a laugh, we revisited the website for the university where price “teaches” to see if there are any changes to his faculty listing.

Here’s what we read. Please remember this was written by price, himself, and is his virtual CV:

I closed my laboratory in 1995. Since that time, I have devoted most of my efforts to teaching, although I still informally consult and review manuscript and grant applications.

My research was directed toward developing an understanding of receptor mechanisms in the chemical senses, taste and smell. Chemoreception is among the most primitive of cell properties and has been adapted to specialized sensory systems in vertebrates. The molecular basis of detection and recognition of stimulus chemicals in these systems includes specific receptor proteins as well as more or less nonspecific irritation of neurons as explanations for chemoreception.

Selected Publications
∑ Price, S. Mechanisms of stimulation of factory neurons: an essay. Chem. Senses, 8:341-354, 1984.

* Price, S. and A. Willey. Effects of Antibodies Against Odorant Binding Proteins on Electrophysiological Responses to Odorants. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 965:127-129, 1988.

* Price, S. Issues in Taste and Smell Research 1990: An Overview. Nutrition, 7:141-142, 1991.”

RK has commented on price’s un-illustrious academic career before and no need to revisit this issue. However, any “scientist” who has the nerve to call himself a “scientist” should have a lab to work in and should, quite understandably, be involved in research.

While price is no spring chicken, he still should be interested in contributing to his chosen field through investigation and research.

Clearly sock-puppet steev doesn’t do this.


We’d believe firstly he can’t, as his intellectual capacities as we have seen them probably are his biggest stumbling block.

Then, of course, there is his ego and belief he is a “scientist” and not a baby-sitter for undergrads, as we have characterized him.

Surely price’s contributions to the world of oriental rugs are as worthless and invisible as his contributions to his chosen area of science.

There is little doubt price is a less than average scientist.

There is even less he is anything but a rug buffoon and idiot.

Why he continues the charade of trying to prove differently is nothing more than a joke and comedy act.

Get off the net, steev, and, instead of spending time “moderating” your rug-sandbox website, re-open your lab and try to make some contribution to science.

Your efforts in rugdom are nil and perhaps you might, since you do have a doctorate degree in physiology, be better equipped to make some small contribution there. Though we doubt this highly, as well.

Author: Kore-eda Hirokazu
Tue, Dec 5th, 2006 12:01:29 PM

RK Replies:

cevat, you dope, you are fooling no one trying to pretend you are Japanese.

We are sure you can't even hold a pair of chop-sticks properly, let alone pass your dumb-bell comments off as coming from anyone other than yourself.

And by the way, little man, are you really so stupid to expect us to pay attention to your impertinent commands?

If so you are proving you are even dumber than everyone imagines.


Hi Clown, It’s me again, we are still waiting you write some thing about Historical rugs, but instate of writing about rugs you start to write B.S again, I told you my eyes are on you, so, shut the hell up and think to write some things.

Author: jc
Sun, Dec 3rd, 2006 07:55:47 AM

Although professor price=clown's website remains on the net his contributions have quite visibly diminished both in number and length.

It is also quite apparent steev, the rug clown, really has nothing to say and he knows it.

We know the reason for his reticence to post is the fact RK is here to critique and often ridicule his stupid opinions or materially dubious utterings.

Perhaps, sometime soon his side-kick filiberto, the pipe smoking jerk who, like steev, believes his posts have any relevance or import, will likewise dig himself and shut up.

They should both take the cue from marvin, one liner, amstey who knows he has nothing to say.

The other less than average members of professor clown's inner circle, like silverman, are very careful with what they post -- and damn well they should be.

"The world is watching" and these fools and wanna-be ruggies have done, do, and most probably will never do nything substantial to further real interest in antique carpets and textiles.

In thinking about it, we probably should have said the world is watching and laughing. Regardless, this is no laughing matter...

Author: Mickey Mouse
email: MickeyMouse@MickeyMouse.com
Thu, Nov 30th, 2006 09:30:36 AM

RK Replies:

Man, you are the clever one, aren't'cha.

We'd ask you to say something more intelligent but, alas, that would be in vain now wouldn't it.

Enjoy Siberia...


Get off the net, steev, and, instead of spending time “moderating” your rug-sandbox website, re-open your lab and try to make some contribution to science.

What a wonderful idea!!!!

You could volunteer as guinea pig and Steve could perform his experiments on you… Such as the Effects of High Voltage Electroshock Against Foul-Odorant & Stinking Bastard followed, hopefully by an AUTOPSY.

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