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Thu, Dec 7th, 2006 11:31:59 AM
Topic: Ghandchi Flames On

No matter who pens the “reviews” or supposed hot news items appearing on the hali website, the same self-interest and advertiser biased mumblings shine through.

Today’s installment, written by Sebastian Ghandchi, the head-honcho (if there is one) at hali, provides more of the same.

RK would like to ask: Why’d ‘ya even bother to call this news, Sebastian, when it is nothing more than fluff praising your advertisers or, even worse, a mealy-mouthed attempt to get rug collectors to loosen up and open their wallets at the next sale or show?

We quote “The US art and antiques market was set alight by the riches offered at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show and Treasures from the Silk Road to the Santa Fe Trail in Philadelphia, defying the cynics’ claim that the antique market is fading due to lack fresh exciting material.”

Set alight? Come on, Ghandchi, cut the crap and get straight. No one, outside of your office, was set alight by either of these two shows, except possibly for the dealer(s) who sold that pant-full of “…approximately $6.5 million of continental furniture to one keen patron intent on acquiring the very best on show.” that you mentioned.

We all know caskey-lees is an advertiser and your including their show in Philly in this review was/is nothing more than a gratuitous nod.

Same goes for your particular type of selective vision in recounting what you saw at the show.

Why, might we ask, did you not mention the outstanding Loan Exhibit? Or the lecture series, both presented in conjunction with the event in San Francisco. Or any of the other dealers who we are sure had exemplary goods on their stands?

Here’s the description of the Loan Exhibit, which surely sounds as, or more, interesting and pertinent than anything you bleated out in your “review”.

“In honor of the 25th Anniversary, Michael Weller, in cooperation with the Loan Committee is assembling a special collection of Silver objects from California, expecially(sic) Bay Area Collections, with an emphasis on commemorative pieces. This promises to be a spectacular exhibit reflecting the history of California and the tastes of Californians as interpreted by such famous American silversmiths as Shreve & Company, Tiffany & Co. and Gorhams as well as known European makers.”

Oh, that’s right, how foolish of RK to expect you and hali to do anything that doesn’t instantly equate with fattening your own bottom line.

Frankly, folks, RK knows you-all realize this but, sadly, none of you are able and willing to say so.

Tsk, tsk but we guess those of you who have, or are seriously contemplating canceling your hali subscriptions, are sending this message, albeit in another form, loud and clear to Sebastian and the rest of the hali corporation.

In closing please realize, Sebastian, we could go on but what’s the point in beating a dead-horse like hali any further on this issue. We’ll just rhetorically ask why hali continues to present such self-oriented reportage when everyone knows it is nothing more than that?

Hey now, don’t ‘cha think it’s time to reassess priorities and make some long over-due adjustments?

And by the way, Mr Ghandchi, saying “Had I been shopping, I would have snapped up…” is about as stupid as it gets. Wake up, man or if you and the rest of the hali crew can’t then just put it to bed for good.

‘Nuff said.

Author: Kore-eda Hirokazu
Thu, Dec 7th, 2006 11:31:59 AM

Hmmm,Interesting!, what else would you like to say about that?

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