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Mon, Dec 18th, 2006 12:44:22 PM
Topic: Tekke Chuval Takes Off from Philly

Another hi-flyer at Freemans was this Tekke chuval.

Though the cataloguer referred incorrectly as Yomud, this glitch did not effect the selling price as it made $6,500.oo.

As similar example was recently sold in the pinner sale and a few others are illustrated in the Turkmen literature (there is one in our Tent Bag Tent Band book as well).

It is only recently these Tekke chuval have become auction stars, although they have for quite some time been recognized as rare.

Most of them are pre-1850 but RK has seen several sporting synthetic dye, which would imply they were made after that line of demarcation.

It is, no doubt, the complex motifs in their elem that hold the main attraction.

That, added to their usually outstanding coloration, is their hook – the seemingly never-ending rows of diminutive and rather boring banner gols surely does not come into play for anyone we’ve ever met.

This price, which might like the eagle seem high is, in our opinion, justified by the same logic that stands behind its sale.

They both are beautiful objects that are old enough and in good enough condition to command buyer’s attentions.

However, that said, we must also explain had the eagle not been included in the sale, we are sure this chuval would have sold for quite a bit less.

After all, when a klieg-light supernova like a single eagle Kazak appears in a salesroom, many other pieces included in that sale will not only bask in its glow but shine ever-so more brightly in its reflection.

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