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Wed, Jan 3rd, 2007 07:06:01 PM
Topic: Serious Scholar? Phuleeze

Today at some point while surfin’ the net we ended up on blurry oCONnel’s spongobongo.com website.

Mr. oCONnell is one of the chosen who believes reading a few books, seeing a few exhibitions and sitting for hours at the knee of an alleged rug expert (harold kesheshian in his case) will enable him to become an authority.

Needless to say, oCONnell and others of his ilk are out to lunch, their enthusiasm to vocalize their travels thru rugdom’s dimly lit corridors might impress those who are equally as ignorant but they sure don’t impress us much.

In fact, not at all and RugKazbah’s longtime readers have had ample opportunity to read our views on oCONnell, his dopey rug ideas and his rather checkered career in trying to sell rugs.

While some few apparently believe oCONnel does shed light into those corridors, RK knows this is crapola and, in fact, he couldn’t hold a match to light one of the candles on our candelabra without burning his pudgy fingers.

As far as we are concerned oCONnell is nothing more than another magpie wanna-be rug expurt of steev, aka professor clown, price and some other internet rug-pundits stature.

But today it was this sentence that got our dander up:

“Of course if anyone is up to the task of guiding the TM into the future it is Daniel Walker. He is among the most serious scholars in the field of rugs.”

Here, too, RK longtime readers will not only recognize walker’s name but also our rather low opinion of him—both as a person and as an alleged rug “scholar”.

Do nothing dan, as we have lately become accustomed to calling him was at the Met for donkey-years and only produced one major exhibition.

The rest of his “career” is equally as unremarkable.

Actually walker will, we predict and watch us on this one carefully, do nothing more than warm the director’s swivel chair at the Textile Museum, just like he did at the Met. We say, forget about anything other than business as usual from the TM while walker’s swiveling his chair around in DC.

The reality oCONnell, and others mind you, try to spin concerning walker’s exemplary rug scholarship is absurd, as do nothing dan’s accomplishments in rugdom are about as paltry as professor clown’s are in medicine.

One thing is sure, rugdom is full of crap and the fact a clown like oCONnell can, after a few years, become in some less than 20/20 eyes an expert is deplorable but it is understandable.

However, even a mush-mind moron who spent nary a short time perusing walker’s CV could easily determine do nothing dan is no five-star rug scholar.

No way, he’s just earning a living doing what he knows best—taking orders, surely not giving them.

And ideas? Puhleeze, do nothing dan has had two decades or more to make his mark, any mark, in rugdom. So far his markarian “collection” book and The Flowers Underfoot exhibition and book are his only major scholastic achievements and both of these works contain nothing very inventive or far-reaching – just more wordage that has become lost in the sauce.

We must say The Flowers Underfoot catalog has some excellent work in it but, and this is only hearsay, we have heard walker’s contributions to those parts of the text are in name only, which is typical for a do nothing dan, now ain't it.

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