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Wed, Jan 31st, 2007 01:59:43 PM
Topic: High Flyin' Ebay Bird Belouch

Belouch bird bags and rugs hold some special place in the hearts of collectors of these weavings, even though those birds have always appeared to be more like chickens to RK.

Regardless of our perception, these rugs and bagfaces always seem to create a stir among belouchophiles and that was the case here with this EBAY auction example:

This rather stiff and two-dimensional piece made $3,550.oo when it sold yesterday.

That price, while surely not extraordinary, still is quite high considering most EBAY rug auctions hardly end with a sale and those that do usually don't come close to breaking the thousand dollar barrier.

But what is more notable was the glowing, and highly specious, description the seller attached to his "treasure". And we quote:

"Here is an amazing gem! It is an extremely rare and most desirable bird Beluch. I don't know much about these rugs but I can tell you that everyone has been trying to buy it from me -- RELENTLESSLY! I have never seen one before, or perhaps in an issue of Hali long ago, and I am told that it is a very, very important rug. I've had it in storage for many years. I would appreciate if someone could tell me more about it. I could not find any info on the web. So I decided to put it up for the highest bidder (minus my surprisingly low reserve). I have found out recently that a Bird Baluch bagface sold at auction for over $35k !?!

I have many, many more megapixel photos, so please ask and I will email them to you. This rug is complete but has wear. The field wool is slightly lower than the border wool. The border wool is full pile. The wool is of the highest quality -- supple, dense, very soft and full of lanolin. The selvages are pretty worn (but parts remain -- horsehair?) and the kilim ends are uneven as you can see -- but they are there!

The colors in this rug are simply stunning. The light, almost yellow beige of the center is gorgeous and contrasts really nicely. The green and blue are the best I have ever seen, and the overall color combination is just sublime. All organic colors of course. Again, don't hesitate to ask for the high res photos because it seems they lose their quality once you upload them on Ebay's hosting system. The birds look just delicious!

This little gem measures 45 by 29 inches, including the kilim ends. Please feel free to ask questions. If you know More about this rug I would really appreciate an email. Good luck!"

This seller surely has a knack for exaggeration, maybe he should be writing advertising copy rather than Ebay auction descriptions?

RK doesn't follow what happens on EBAY but we have been alerted by some of our suppliers when an interesting piece is up for grabs (that's how we learned about this one).

The title for the sale of this rug is, like the owner's over the top description, fancilful at best:


As far as RK is concerned this Belouch "chicken" rug is neither "early" nor is it "highly important".

We will grant, though, it might be "highly important" to the owner who wanted to maximize his financial return and, probably, will be equally so for the "lucky" EBAY buyer who will, surely, want to do the same.

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