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Thu, Mar 22nd, 2007 05:47:19 PM
Topic: Once an Idiot....

Curiosity is a dangerous thing, though let's face it, we are all prone to its allure.

RKs perusals of professor price=clown's pitiful excuse for a website are motivated by just that sentiment; regardless of the fact we know there is nothing of value or worth there to find.

Today's visit provided what we are sure was an unintended look into the mini-mind of professor price=clown, as well as another umpteenth example of his lack of knowledge or understanding of the world of antique rugs.

Well, maybe that was too limited -- in our opinion price knows nothing about anything short of how to tie his shoe-laces and we believe he might even need help there.

A certain new reader of his site, a Richard Carver, wrote in to express his complete dismay at his inability to find a "Trustworthy" rug dealer.

Carver recited his problems.

Rather than agree with Carver's less than unique troubles flapjaw steev exclaimed he'd never had a bad experience with a rug dealer. We say the reason for this is because price is too thick and stupid to know hes been tricked, while even a neophyte like Carver knew when someone was putting their fingers into his wallet.

After Carver wrote back in again to further explain the reason he believes rug dealers are thieves, price-the-clown then directed him to windle, aka swindle, swann, who happens to live in D.C. which is where Carver is located.

There is no doubt Carver's complaints are real and right but making such statements publicly to an idiot of price's dimension was truly an exercise in stupidity. We are sure Carver must realize this now and probably won't waste anymore of his time trying to seek help over there.

By the way, Carver mentioned how rug dealers tried to "trade" their worthless rugs for his supposed "worthless" ones.

Too bad for those scheisters but Carver went to the textile museum and found out what his were worth before he began the exercise.

Good for him, as the effort prevented him from being bilked. (That said, with the likes of some of the "experts" there, Carver just might have gotten told some fairy-tales but that is far more of an unknown here than the rest of this story.)

We see price's recommendation of windle was like putting him deeper into the jaws of the lion.

Over the years, we have heard of some of the machinations windle-the-swindle has performed on those who were not as astute as Carver and knew little to nothing about what swindle was up to.

Frankly, we hope Carver does call swindle -- we're sure windle the swindle won't get his leg over on Mr. Carver no matter how hard he tries and might even get a tongue lashing for his effort.

The clown of rugdom, steev price, and his idiots-corner of rugdom website needs to go off-line -- price's pedantic (we don't make recommendations here) and dumb as a rock (call windle the swindle if you want an honest rug dealer) are just two more examples why this is a necessity.

For worse than those rug dealers who are dishonest is the morally and intellectually dishonest crapola price and company dish out regularly.

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