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Thu, Mar 29th, 2007 12:56:32 PM
Topic: Better Dead Than Red

In the past RK has cast aspersion at the Textile Museum, aka the TM, in Washington, D.C.

Surely we have not aimed our remarks at their collection, or at their founder George Hewitt Myers, both of which are, and always will be, way, way above our displeasure.

However, we have heaped loads of criticism on their new director dan, aka do nothing, walker and the highly political, in-group mentality that runs the place.

To say walker’s ability to appreciate historic non-classical rugs is anything other than non-existent would be an exaggeration.

So would be calling the Textile Museum anything but a constipated, atrophied institution that exists basically as a private club-house for red-wine faced, back slapping hajji baba swells.

Regardless of the fact there was a recent in-house cleansing, the installation of a new chairman of the board, and walker as well, nothing has changed. The old: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” would not be out of place here.

While it is true this new chairman of the board has made some pretty out-there, and still way unfulfilled, promises of raising money to repair the Museum building’s structural problems and put his choice of do nothing dan in the directors swivel chair, nothing much else has happened.

Can’t say we didn’t expect more.

However, this post is not going to delve further in the machinations, both public and private, these folks, and the TM’s board of directors, have up their sleeves but rather comment on a far more relevant topic – the dating of historic Turkmen weaving.

Recently one of the major midgets in professor clown’s stable, j.r. howe, gave a lecture(what a misnomer using the L word in this case is) based on the TM’s new exhibition “RED”.

We will again forgo comments on howe’s worthless, amateurish presentation, which by the way pictured a stop sign and a little boy’s red wagon as key images. Hardy ha ha…yesshh is rugdom so naïve and unskilled as to appreciate such drivel?

We all know professor clown’s website is about as low on the rug pole as an ant in a wheel rut but to believe all of those great rug minds at the TM are equally as rug-challenged is mind-blowing. But they are.

Imagine calling their masterpiece bird asmalyk, from the Jenkins collection, “early 19th century”?

As hard to believe as this is, and trust us on this one rugfans it’s pretty hard, that’s how it is.

Isn’t it about time the TM, their head honcho chairman of the board, do nothing dan and the rest of the curatorial staff wake up to the fact a Turkmen weaving like that is much older?

Like that other great institution in Washington D.C., our Federal Government, the TM needs a serious wake-up call and RK knows that won’t happen until all of us spend some time and energy to shake up the complacent, self-important clowns and fools who believe not only in the emperors new clothes mentality but, more significantly, they are actually doing something noteworthy and historically important.

Fact is, and in reality, they ain’t doin’ nothing other than feathering their own nests and pulling the wool over the shepple’s eyes.

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