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Sun, Apr 15th, 2007 01:46:51 PM
Topic: Rubber Meets the Road:re restoration

We rarely skim thru the nonsense and amateurish rug-related blogging on blurry o'CONnell’s yahoo email group website.

In fact, were it not for a reader's tip to check it out today, we would surely never have read what jim, aka jimbo, allen recently posted there.

It is completely clear to all, not only yours truly, allen has been passing off heavily restored, and even complete new fake, rugs as "antiques" of "investment quality" on EBAY, and his own website, for years.

Granted of late jimbo has slowed down, which is undoubtedly due to his having been caught with his hands in the cookie-jar more than once, as we can see no other reason for the diminishing number of these bogus items he offers.

While RK feels sorry for those who have been taken by allen, we are not here to protect the innocent or the gullible.Caveat emptor is all we can suggest.

However, the outrageously hypocritical, self-promoting BS we just read deserves attention and rebuke.

Here’s some of it with our comments added in italics:

“The worlds supply of high quality perfect condition Caucasian rugs was exhausted by the 90's.”
Says who? Only a dumbbell clown like allen. Believing allen’s dumb as a rock opinion here would be as stupid as buying one his phony investment quality antique rugs or putting any value on the absurdly ridiculous ‘papers’ he has published on his website and elsewhere, like oCONnell’s site.

“They would have been gone ten to fifteen years earlier but innovators like Andonian and Markarian set up shops in New York replacing synthetic dyes in late 19th century rugs with nice harmonious colors.”
Them’s pretty heavy words, jimbo. If RK was either Andonian or Markarian we’d already have placed a call to our legal representatives, as this is not only baseless slander of the worst kind but a totally egregious example of the pot calling the kettle black.

“Old timers cry fowl and raise a ruckus but these folks are never dealers and when you finally get to see their collections of "perfect" rugs they generally don't predate 1930.”
Is allen referring to his customers and the collections of rugs they have built from his piles of repro and restored ‘antiques’?

“These reconditioned rugs plus maybe ten thousand more that entered the world's market places after the breakup of the old soviet hegemony were gone by the year 2001.”
He should know as allen has brokered many of these late, airport-art quality pieces. There are some posted right now on his website for all to see.

“As these rugs started running out at their sources all kinds of innovative techniques were invented to keep the antique rug market alive.”
And there was a greedy, duplicitous carpet-bagging thief like allen to take advantage of the situation.

“I have seen rugs destroyed by moths but still with good foundations replied into totally new rugs with old wool. One of these I first saw in Istanbul and I later saw it sold at Skinners, a flashy Sewan that was actually brand new.”
The only place jimbo should be pointing his stubby middle finger is at himself. Does he really believe by posing as a disseminator of this info he will do anything other than incriminate himself further?

“As far as I am concerned the value of an invisible repair lies with the artistic skills of the restorer.”
Duhhh, if the restorer is not excellent, no ‘invisible repair’ can take place. And regardless of how ‘invisible’ the repair is, if the work is completely uncharacteristic for the item or if, the old saying “If it’s too good a deal, it's probably a fake" applies, it probably is fake and only a naïve trusting buyer will be fooled.

“Here is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.”
Actually RK is amazed allen’s fat face and bloated body haven’t been already sandwiched between that rubber and that road by anyone of the numerous clients he has bilked.

“It takes one person working full time just to choose the wool to be used in the repairs. It takes at least ten years of hard work to learn enough to do invisible repair. It is essentially impossible to teach even this quality repair person how to make the rug look right in the end. How to turn corners in borders that don't match, what to put in the empty spaces and on and on…”
Is allen publicizing his ‘trade secrets’ here or just showing off to the ininformed readers of o’CONnell’s group?

“…Fahraly Solak from Sultanhan Turkey is one of the very top masters of the trade. If you think you have a masterpiece; get in touch with me through my website and I will hook you up, if I think it is a worthwhile project. Big repairs can take over a year to finish.”
Let RK provide our translation from jimbo-speak: If allen can make enough money on the repair or possibly buy the rug from you, if it’s good enough, you’ll surely hear from him.

“A really good rug repaired to a very high level is the new acceptable standard in the rug world.”
Again, says who? Only allen, as now rugs with ANY repairs or restoration are viewed as suspect by the ever-awakening population of antique rug buyers.

Better unrestored than restored is today’s leading collector mantra.

RK should know as we have been chanting it for decades and we are glad that finally many others have realized how true it is.

By the way, this has only occurred because of the horrendous number of restored and repaired rugs that are flooding the market and auctions. Rugs like allen used to pass off by the dozens with impunity.

“ Simply read the major rug auction catalogs and you will see plenty of terms like "old repairs', "repiling", selvages "rewrapperd"(sic), etc. in the descriptions. Look at the prices that real antiques in mint condition have been bringing at auction.”
The two sentences above are typical spin and mis-representations only an operator like allen makes. They are blatantly false and unrelated in regards to the issue he is trying to discuss.

“Basically double the prices maybe 5 years ago. Pretty good investments if you can find any to buy.”
Crooks like allen and icoc chairman dennis dodds, who by the way is no better than allen though he does operate on a higher level, should have been run out of the rug world and business long ago.

RK knows eventually their misdeeds will come back at them and, quite frankly, we will cheer to day rugdom wakes up to that fact and rids itself of trash like these two charlatans.

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