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Sat, Apr 21st, 2007 09:03:55 AM
Topic: hali's icoc review:RK comments

RK has bashed hali to no end but, like the terminator, no matter what we write the mini-minds at hali won’t make any changes or even consider they should.

Today, on their website, RK read their icoc “report” and could not help but marvel at the stupidity anyone with even a semblance of a brain between their ears would also have noticed.

The first and most obvious is their posting only tiny thumbnail photos of the rugs they cite, while much larger ones of the rug “personalities” they also mention appear right next to them.

these photos are reproduced exactly as they appear on the hali website.

Now please tell RK, if you can, why anyone would want to see a large photo of johnny thompson ogling a pretty young woman only to then get eyestrain trying to view photos of the rugs they chose to discuss?

There’s a very clear message here: Rug pooh-bah personalities like thompson are more important than any weavings.

This is nothing new, nor will anyone who knows the score be surprised; hali exists to further the personal agendas of carpet-baggers like thompson and dodds often at the expense of researching historic Near Eastern weavings or raising public awareness and appreciation for them.

The rest of their review is equally as distorted and slanted.

Publishing two photos of some Istanbul rug gallery exhibitor’s dresses, which were of course for sale, while only one small photo of her brother's rug collection(the ostensible reason the show was mentioned in the first place)bodes pretty poorly with RK.

Yesshhh, come on now, jimmy olsen and fat boy schaeffer, are you now going to trying to turn hali into a clone of WWD(Women’s Wear Daily is a fashion biz mag)?

Perhaps, if you either of you two dead-woods had any real rug expertise, you’d be writing about rugs instead of frocks, right?

Finally, RK would once again like to bring attention to the ongoing kaitag hype, bunko and completely unsubstantiated claims of great age and importance hali has continued to forward as fact.

Little lord franses’s “last minute” icoc kaitag exhibition is lauded by hali instead of their beginning the long over due questions that should be raised about these folksy, and recently minted in our opinion, embroideries.

Perhaps Rk would be going to far in calling kaitags as phony as gerard paquin’s bogus “Ottoman embroideries” but, in reality, both of these groups are highly suspect, according to us.

The fact not one example of kaitag is illustrated in any reference material prior to those recently printed and none are in any old museum collections goes along way to supporting our suspicions.

But, Lord knows, no one who might read what hali and the promoters, like little lord franses who are selling these questionable needleworks, have written could possibly think they are specious and not really positively researched.

Rugdom is about as lax as any universe could possibly be and the nonsense, BS, crapola, mistruth, deception and outright lies that pass for journalism, research, science and scholarship are totally abominable and embarrassing.

And let’s all face the fact anyone who might doubt what we say would have to be either deaf, dumb and blind. Or, like the hali staff and icoc/acor carpet-bagging little lord franseses, johnny thompsons, dennis doddses, louise mackies, etc) so pleased with this situation that changing it would only decrease, or maybe even destroy, their chances to continue to benefit unduly.

OK, then, what should be done about this group of selfish creeps whose interests are only motivated by what they can take from rugdom?

It’s clear to us, and many others as well, they are involved not to give but only to take – their actions past and present proving what we say in spades.

And trust us again on this one, rugfans, rugdom needs a whole lot of giving on account of the decades of selfish and self-oriented action and, even worse, inaction these greedy pooh-bahs and posers, who are running the show, have perpetrated.

They have done nothing but run rugdom roughshod into the ground by solely pursuing their own devious personal agendas and gains. Now it’s well high time for us all to begin to purge the selfish and greedy.

Author: toıletkazbah
Sat, Apr 21st, 2007 09:03:55 AM

"Now please tell RK, if you can, why anyone would want to see a large photo of johnny thompson ogling a pretty young woman" -------------------------------------------------Perhaps you would enjoy the picture more if the two were both wearing rubber gloves and standing next to a pile of dung. You obviously liked the picture enough to post it on stenchkazbah. Actually, you are not totally wrong about the cult of personality perpetuated by Hali. But really, who cares? Do men with moustaches turn you on?

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