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Tue, Apr 24th, 2007 01:14:53 PM
Topic: Rugdom's Clown attempts Caucasian Identification

Realizing steev price is the clown and fool we have characterized him as is a no brainer. Even the most naive ruggie recognizes price as the most pompous, self-congratulating rug idiot of our generation.

Here is one more example of price=clown’s inability to recognize even the most simple provenance.

This rug was sent to price for identification and here what the turko-dummy had to say:

It looks like a Shirvan to me, too. The white selvages, macrame end finish, design and layout, fine knotting, all point that way. The knotting is virtually certain to be symmetric. I don't see anything that looks like the early synthetic orange from which ruggies shrink in horror, although the colors on my monitor don't appear to be accurate (they aren't the same in the first and second photos; I'd guess the second to be closer to reality than the first). The corroded black, and everything else about it, points to 19th century. You mention offset knotting. I think you meant depressed warps. In general, Shirvans are described as having flat backs, but there are exceptions and I suspect that this is one of them. Tell your friend to take it out of his entry way while there's still enough of it left to see. I'd put it in a low traffic area, maybe hang it on a wall. Regards Steve Price

Sorry, steev, but this rug is a Russian Government 5 year plan product, not a 19th century Shirvan, you dope.

RK realizes the fine point of identification are as lost on you as the Iraq debacle is on george bush. And you, like him, are nothing more than a laughing stock every time you open your mouth.

RK has suggested you keep it shut, or at least out of the public’s earshot.

So don’t say RK isn’t a kind and generous soul, steev, because now you should have learned the difference between a genuine end of the 19th century Shirvan and a Russian Government factory made copy.

Author: jc
Tue, Apr 24th, 2007 10:53:37 AM

The rug challenged professor, steev price=clown, continues to discount his failure to recognize this rug as the factory production it is.

Regardless of it being made in 1899 or 1921 the rug is a nothing more than a reproduction. Debating its age is even stupider than not knowing it is a repro.

The rug is ugly and has no relationship to a real "Shirvan".

And this point is the most significant one that is lost on price=clown, as well as tim who bought it believing, like steev the rug idiot, it was something else.

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