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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Apr 25th, 2007 07:44:09 PM
Topic: rippon-bozwell's Spring Sale

The upcoming spring sale at rippon boswell is a large one and, if quantity would equal quantity, then we’d have to say it will be a good one.

However, sadly for the bozwells, such is not the case and quite frankly there is not one interesting or important rug in the sale according to us.

We were not going to write anything about the sale but today a reader sent us a link to blurry o’CONnell’s mediocre, and often off the wall, website where he wrote the following about lot 90:

“Every time I look at 17th C. Sivas Fragment Rippon-Boswell lot 90 I am blown away.”

lot 90 SIVAS FRAGMENT; East Anatolia, Sivas Region, 17th century; 164 x 132 cm; Estimate EUR: 5,800

Hopefully o’CONnell will look at it a lot and really get blown away. Good riddens would be all RK would reply were that the case.

By the way, o’CONnell is someone who believes a few years of sitting at harold kesheshian’s knee and reading some books can make one into a rug expert.

But mr bozwell is in our estimation not a whole lot better than oCONnell - here’s what he said about the rug:

“This fragment is the upper half of an archaic East Anatolian carpet with a green central medallion which must have been very beautiful. The powerful style of drawing and the delicate colours indicate an early date. – Expertly mounted on canvas.”

Bull crapola is all we have to say about the alleged “archaic” character and dumb as a rock 17th century date, bozwell, get real.

This is a nothing more than a rather unsightly, provincial, made way out in eastern Anatolia, (probably in old Armenia) effort. Early 19th century is our take on the dating.

Rugdom is full of stuffed shirts like oCONnell and detlef matzahn(aka bozwell) and it’s well high time they either learned to keep their traps shut when pontificating about rugs or find another commodity to peddle.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Apr 25th, 2007 07:44:09 PM

RK Replies: If RugKazbah.com is zero, almost everyone else is way less than zero.

Quit complaining, you've learned more at RK's than you have anywhere else. Go ahead, admit it.


"so is our desire to educate our competition by disseminating our knowledge" This is exactly why the information content on this site is zero.

Author: matthiaswohlgemuth
email: wohlgemuth@arces.ch
Wed, Apr 25th, 2007 03:37:54 AM

RK Replies: Right you are, Mathias, we erred.

We went thru the catalog the other day and were so underwhelmed, we did not bother to check what oCONnell wrote by going back for another look.

Even though his quote about lot 90 was written only the other day, actually on 4/17/2007, he obviously was referring to a lot 90 in a previous sale.

No matter, we still stand by what we said.

lot 90, 18th century, expected price 26,000 euro

We appreciate your correcting us, Matthias, and will gladly discuss anything you'd like to say about the present lot 90, the Saryk frag, pictured above.

We did spy it on our catalog look-thru and you are right, again, it's a rare and interesting variant.

So is lot 128:

lot 128, 18th century, expected price 30,000 euro(catalog description)

Both of these main carpets, and several other lots as well, are worth some words. However, they are pieces that do not personally interest us and, since our time is limited (so is our desire to educate our competition by disseminating our knowledge), we would have preferred no mention of them.

Also, we do not find either of these main carpets beautiful and while we will readily admit they are eminently collectible and somewhat historic they are, for us in the end, ignorable.


sivas frag not to be found in RB's spring cat. butlot 90 is a well known, and to my humble taste: very beautiful, saryk main frag, which might well be worthy a few words...? greetings, matthias

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