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Sat, Apr 28th, 2007 04:10:31 PM
Topic: New Readers

For the past few weeks, RK and our webmaster have noticed a marked increase in traffic, which is due to a number of new readers discovering RugKazbah.com.

First, we would like to welcome all of you and also your participation on this discussion board.

We are glad to answer any questions, no matter how trivial or insignificant they might be.

While we do not solicite anyone to post here, nor do we have any agenda of topics, please note we prefer to concentrate on pre-commercial period Near Eastern weaving.

Our board has many threads on it and new readers will find even more listing in our "Archive" topic area. Be sure to check them out.

So please enjoy your visits here and know we will be glad to participate in any discussion of merit.

Lastly, we have no prohibition about discussing prices. In fact, we have no prohibitions at all - feel free to post what you like, when you like, about whatever you like.

Just make sure you do not stray into believing, as some quite mistaken readers have done, we will allow anyone to disrespect us, our collection or our efforts to raise appreciation for historic oriental rugs.

After all that goal, raising appreciation, is the main reason we have started RugKazbah.com, as well as founding our other website, the Weaving Art Museum(www.weavingartmuseum.org).

Should you have any additonal questions please direct them to:


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