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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Oct 24th, 2007 11:34:43 AM
Topic: Wither Go Ye, hali?

We are sure RK is not the only one to question where exactly hali magazine is going.

Increasingly, their reportage has strayed from covering the meat of their matter - old oriental rugs - to who knows where.

Let's face facts: It has been a decade and a half or more since their coverage of this area could be called the main focus of the magazine. But even in those good old days one would have been hard pressed to claim there were, in fact, a regular and goodly number of outstanding articles.

More likely would have been to state their only occasional appearance but that would be head and shoulders above what is presently the case.

If those who pull the strings at hali believe their current, and as it appears to us, rudder-less orientation and direction will work, then let RK to be the first to tell them how wrong they are.

We have written about this before and from our vantage point it appears more and more that gandchi (the publisher) and fat-boy schaeffer (the former editor and now still head honcho as his jimmy olsen replacement, ben evans, is nothing more than a place filler and gofer in the editor's chair) have run out of possibilities to present anything really advanced and original about old oriental rugs. Instead they have, and in our opinion, failed to turn hali into anything other than a smorgasbord organ grinding bi-monthly magazine with no central focus other than to sell advertising and to hype and pump their advertisers.

This state of affairs is completely obvious to all as their presentations, both in print and on the web, would be hard to describe in any other terms.

There is little doubt the reason for the art world's abject disinterest in this art area is the lack of genuine scholarship and research it carries and, not until all of those who are involved it realize this fact, will there be any change.

From the get go hali billed itself as the center of the rug world and while way back then such bravado might have had some truth to it, now little or nothing of that remains.

So messers gandchi and shaeffer how about instead of spending on travel budgets to send yourselves to New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles or San Francisco to cover "art fairs" where your advertisers are plying their wares, how about taking those funds and spending them on improving the quality of your articles, especially those focused on old oriental rugs?

Do you really believe your core readership is interested in 17th century Chinese furniture or Ming Vases? Or the goings on at fairs like your most recent report from Hong Kong?

RK knows how difficult it is to present original and outstanding research on old oriental rugs. But wouldn't it be better to forgo filling 6 issues a years with pabulum and fluff and, instead, publish half or a third of that number of issues with high quality and pointful content?

We also know the two of you would then, most probably, not be able to jet-set around in rugdom or have other perks of your job.

We also realize that would be too bad for you guys but if that's what it would take to get hali back on track so be it, as the present situation of mediocre reportage about old rugs, that aforementioned smorgasbord of barely related articles and your feeble efforts to turn hali into a "tribal arts" magazine miss the mark by miles.

Author: jc
Wed, Oct 24th, 2007 11:34:43 AM

RK says hali's abject refusal to properly report the scandal surrounding dodds's sale of the bogus "bellini" to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is disgusting.

So far hali, which bills itself as rugdom's central organ, has published two "articles" about this grievous problem and fraud.

The first, sherri hunter's idiotic cheerleading report on LACMA's Textile Department "exhibition", where the rug was first publicly shown, pathetically tried to forward the idea dodds's rug was the type of 16th century masterpiece weaving found in the Italian Renaissance paintings of masters like Bellini.

Worse than that completely false and untrue association was hunter's calling dodd's bogus "bellini" design, the "dumb-bell" design.

How hali could stoop so low in choosing a rug ignoramus and “dumb-bell” like hunter to write such clap-trap is damning, as well as showing how out of touch with reality the editors and publisher of hali truly are.

Then, after almost two years of silence about this issue, which flies in the face of RugKazbah.com's investigations that have proven to any unbiased observer dodds's misrepresentations, fabrications and outright lies, hali recently published a letter to the editor, written by a brown-nosed rug moron, praising LACMA's alleged scientific-investigation of the carpet while completely avoiding comment that investigation was undertaken only in response to, and to further cover-up, RugKazbah.com’s publication of the fact dodds completely defrauded the museum in selling them a "bellini" that was nothing near his specious description.

To anyone with enough sense to open a package of chewing gum this smacks of collusion and a type of yellow-journalism not seen since the William Randall Hearst's Spanish-American War reportage.

But because the vast majority of rugdom is brain-dead and deathly afraid to ever question hali or the pooh-bah clowns who control the icoc/acor axis, no one save RK has breathed one public word about dodds's fraudulent sale and its continued cover-up by LACMA.

A time is fast approaching where this issue will soon receive far wider media coverage, and when it does RK is positive all of the actors who have played their roles in keeping this scandalous fraud quiet and under wraps will be exposed.

First on that list is dodds, a proven carpet-bagging lying thief and fraud.

Coming close behind dodds are the editors and publishers of hali who have not only condoned dodd's thieving ways but have blatantly supported a person who has been shown to be a liar and thief.

Pulling right behind hali, and mouthing the same unbelievably outrageous support for dodds, are the icoc/acor honchos who have yet to utter a public word concerning dodds's lies, theft and fraud.

RK says all of these self-anointed and appointed pooh-bahs are equally as guilty, from their behind the scenes leader little lord franses who RK has demonstrated was probably involved in dodds acquiring the "bellini" and its previous history of attempted but unsuccessful sales offers, to the most junior wanna-be members like moorehouse, the author of the recent hali letter to the editors.

Lastly are many other rug collectors and dealers who are too chicken-shit to call dodds out for the lies and fraudulent statements he used to convince LACMA's rug ignorant and ex-Costume and Textile department curator, dale gluckman, his "bellini" was 16th century and a masterpiece of its type.

It is neither and now everyone who has ever read RugKazbah.com knows this well.

RK must add none of dodds's other sale ploys were any more factual and hali's refusal to present the facts and truth of this scandal are equally as improper and culpable as dodds was in presenting LACMA with a dossier of misrepresentations, exaggerations and lies to convince them his "bellini" was anything but the late period, genre reproduction RK has proven it to be.

Author: jc
Sun, Aug 5th, 2007 01:44:25 PM

We have just been handed the new issue of hali, which contains a number of articles about the icoc and the Istanbul exhibitions arranged for it.

RK intends on taking an in-depth look at several of them, particularly the ever continuing, and sickeningly specious, kaitag hoopla and promotion.

We don't have the time or energy at the moment to say anything further and readers will have to wait a few days to read our commentaries.

However, we would like to put the following bit of gossip we have heard out in public: hali has been sold and the new owner is sebastian ghandchi, who has been at hali for a number of years as the "publisher".

He can now claim to be the owner as well.

Frankly speaking, under gandchi's tutelage, hali has gone nowhere but downhill, a view that is not only ours but shared by many others as well -- their circulation figures are proof positive of this trend.

Now that he is the owner as well, and doesn't have to answer to any superiors, we'd imagine hali will either return to its intended purpose and audience or it will continue to drift off further into the Sargasso Seas of uncertainty it has been plying for some years now.

One thing is sure: With the crew of gandchi, evans and schaeffer at the helm calling the shots, there is little chance anything much on the academic side of rugs will be improved or forthcoming and readers will most likely be presented, ad nauseum, with glossy pages that say little or nothing and adverts displaying wares that are more suited to a home decorating, supermarket peddled, rag than a serious "journal" that claims to be the mouthpiece for the study and appreciation of antique and historic oriental rugs and related weaving.

More to come, stay tuned...

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 18th, 2007 04:26:16 PM

Demonstrating our comments about the lack of expertise or focus hali magazine pays to old oriental carpets is this "review" that was published on their webslight, yes webslight, today:

"Life, death, power and honour: tales told by the sculptural art of New Ireland at Musée du Quai Branly.
This remarkable show transports the visitor to a timeless Oceanic world."

Could anyone believe us wrong in our position that hali's jimmy olsen wanna be new editor, ben evans, and the rest of the less than knowledgeable editorial staff, including the head meat-head, hamburger danny schaeffer, are incapable of publish anything cogent or interesting about old rugs?

Hey, hali, how about transporting yourselves back to attempting to write about old rugs because we’d have to agree even your recent feeble efforts are better than none. Or are they?

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 13th, 2007 05:57:49 PM

We thought we should mention the following in reference to the words hali closed their Transylvanian/kaitag exhibition review with:

"And both exhibitions are true ‘firsts’ for the Istanbul art-viewing public. They bring carpet and textile art to the forefront of attention, particularly as the Sabanci Museum’s wealthy, cosmopolitan, globally-aware constituency has become used, in the museum’s short history, to grand, high-profile international exhibitions, and record-breaking displays of the work of major artists such as Pablo Picasso and Auguste Rodin. For anonymous carpets and silk textiles to compete with great honour in such a culturally charged environment is no mean achievement."

RK can only comment:

1. Too bad the museum chose to bring questionable textile "art"(those kaitags) to the forefront of attention. It is perfectly clear little lord franses, and his partner in hyping kaitag robert chenincher, have profited unduly from their creating a phony "buzz" and highly debatable "curatorial history" for textiles RK would characterize as colorful rags at best.

Let's remember franses has dated some of them to the 18th and even 17th century.

Reminds us of dodds's dreamboating BS his "bellini" is circa 1550.

Is it no coincidence dodds got the late genre period reproduction "bellini" from franses, who has over-dated lots of other Turkish rugs as well.

Don't believe us?

Go look at little lord franses’s old hali ads and there you will see many late 18th and 19th century rugs dated 100 or even 2-300 years earlier.

2. If this was not bad enough, how about hali inferring the kaitag show was related to the other "...grand, high-profile international exhibitions..." the museum hosted in the past? Ahhh, blah blah ben, aka jimmy olsen, evans at best.

3. But, perhaps, the place where the hype shows through to the max is hali trying to float the idea kaitag are comparable to the "...record-breaking displays of the work of major artists such as Pablo Picasso and Auguste Rodin."

It's clear when someone starts spinning hype and BS and is not caught straight away, like a rip in a lady's stocking, they'll just keep going and going with no end in sight.

And that's hali, they just keep spinning and spinning...remember pacquin's "discovery" of those reproduction Ottoman embroideries and the more than 10 pages hali devoted to praise them?

RK is sure we are not the only one to view hali as nothing more than an organization run solely to enrich those in their in group of advertisers and, of course, the grand pooh-bahs, like franses and dodds, regardless of the blatant self-promotion and questionable hype they use to sell their wares.

This kaitag show at the icoc, like the acor presentation of pacquin's fake Ottoman embroideries, deserves criticism and rebuke, not praise.

Too bad the only place to see that is here on RugKazbah.com -- guaranteed it will never appear in the pages between those hali glossy covers.

And you can bet on that one, big time.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Jul 1st, 2007 05:56:16 PM

Dear hali:

We know you read our website; so how about finally covering an important issue, like dodds's lying and cheating to make the sale of his bogus "bellini" to LACMA?

Or is reporting on Art Basel or contemporary fibre artists more important to your readership?

RK says it ain't and we will continue to press for hali's accepting responsibility for its errors concerning the LACMA purchase and to see a fair and just public airing of the situation appear in your magazine.

RK will be glad to participate, especially if you organize a debate between us and anyone you can find who believes they can counter our claims.

We know, even if you wanted to organize such a debate, you will be unable to find anyone who is willing and able to oppose us -- that's how bad dodds's rug really is.

And you all know it, so why don't'cha admit it instead of continuing the silence to protect dodds's soon to be destroyed reputation, and your own for that matter?

Author: jc
Thu, Jun 28th, 2007 10:23:57 AM

Hey hali:

Do you really believe covering Art Fair Basel is of any interest to your readership?

If so RK suggests you change the name of your journal - remember hali means RUG, or have you all forgotten that?

Author: jc
Sat, Jun 23rd, 2007 11:14:55 AM

The fact hali has not mentioned on word about the mess dodds's sale of the late period genre reproduction "Bellini" has caused is proof plenty they are in cahoots with dodds and others, like little lord franses, to protect not only dodds but the reality many other late genre copies of Turkish Village rugs have been sold to the unsuspecting.

RK could care less about those sales, made in private between individuals. We are, however, very interested when the purchaser is a public institution; especially when that institution is as important and significant one as LACMA, and the hype, mis-information and outright lies used to sell the rug are as obvious and grievous as dodds's were.

As we go further in our crusade to right this wrong we are sure eventually hali will have to weigh in but chances are their effort will, once again, be motivated by partisanship and collusion.

Let's all remember, were it not for RK's objections and opposition the issue would be as dead as a doornail, as there is not one other public statement from anyone in rugdom concerning this still smoldering issue.

RK will continue to throw kindling on, and fan its nascent flames, until all rugdom, and hali too, make their long overdue positions public on what many have, in private, characterized as the travesty of the trust and honesty LAMCA granted, and still grants, to dodds concerning their now frightfully apparent mistaken purchase.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Jun 13th, 2007 02:29:44 PM

Looking at the hali website’s most popular feature, their news and views section, one would never get the idea this magazine’s focus is supposed to be antique oriental rugs.

There is nary an article or even more than brief mentions of these weavings but, rather, articles dealing with almost completely unrelated matters and events.

We have mentioned this before but, instead of seeing some restoration of their even late, feeble attempts to cover oriental rugs, readers will find the following articles:

”The Tip of the Rietberg
India’s Carpet Expo 2007
Antique Textiles, Costumes & Tribal Art Fair
The Shadow of the Slave Trade
Hong Kong Art and Antique Fairs 2007”

Perusal of these scribblings will, no doubt, occasionally put the reader face-to-face with a rug or two. However, the majority of the coverage focuses on ancillary topics, almost all of which are not part of hali’s supposed purview or, for that matter, are they even interesting.

RK knows no one at hali knows much about old rugs and from what we see and have seen it appears no one is even interested.

RK is also quite sure if ruggies expressed their dismay with this ongoing decline by writing to ben aka jimmy olsen evans or danny aka hamburger schaeffer perhaps something would change.

It is clear canceling one’s subscription, which as we have heard it many have already done, is meaningless.

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