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Mon, Jun 4th, 2007 02:56:07 PM
Topic: Kizil idiots

What other words could RK use to describe price=clown and company's dumb as rocks chatter about that Kizil Ayak chuval we have posted in the "MAD or just Ersari Bershir" thread in the Pictures for Discussion Thread here on RugKazbah.com.

The rug challenged attendees of that rug-numbskull Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price=clown's website wouldn't know a Kizil Ayak from a dish-towel with a Turkmen design printed on it, nor would their leader price=clown himself.

RK has seen enough their dopey opinions and we had a good laugh over the following 2 posts, which are the most recent additions, the first by sue zimmerman, a woman who believes after a few years of corresponding with the clowns of price's website she is able to understand the hidden mysteries of oriental carpets and the second by Virginia Commonwealth University's steve price the rug idiot.

Hi Winston(the owner of the Kizil Ayak chuval, ed), Apparently, if your chuval were to lap dance for the originator of the word pistiche it may surprisingly age it 25 years. No one would probably be surprised at that. Yawn. Sue

Hi Sue I've seen the thread to which you refer, a conversation between a guru and his worshipful student. The student explains his objections to C-14 rug dating. The method isn't scientific, true science (in his world) consists of universal truths like those of elementary trigonometry. The guru explains that C-14 dating of rugs is unreliable because it gives only relative dates and requires calibration standard rugs. I suspect that he's confused C-14 dating with thermoluminescence dating of things like terracotta, which is usually calibrated by C-14 analysis of organic inclusions in objects from the same location.

The absurd notion that the guru could date Windsor's piece to the nearest quarter century if he had the opportunity to handle it is actually less ridiculous than their understanding of science. Still, pretty ridiculous.

I recall somebody saying something in this thread about morons with computers. Wish I could remember it. Regards Steve Price"

Ms. zimmerman can't even copy the correct spelling of the word - pastiche. We are not surprised as the rest of her cockamamie spiels are equally stupid. By the way, we are sure no-one would ask sue to give them a lap dance, needless to say request her consultation on anything other than making cupcakes from a Betty Crocker mix.

Like the rest of professor clowns fools, ms zimmerman’s overactive imagination and spare time would be far better spent pulling the hairs out of her nose than commenting about old oriental rugs.

And speaking of pulling hairs, professor clown might also benefit from some serious mirror gazing.

Turko-idiots all, and their belief david reuben is anything other than a mediocre rug dealer, who's often nonsensical ideas about Turkmen weaving are not much more significant than the best of the amateurish wordage contained on price=clown's website, is just another sign of how little they know.

Like many others, reuben is a poser whose ideas and opinions are as unfounded and ridiculous as those often advanced by price=clown and many others.

Go see for yourselves, read price=clown's threads and links to reuben's website. Have a good laugh, we did.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jun 4th, 2007 02:56:07 PM

Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price may have a PhD in physiology but, RK and just about everyone else interested in old Oriental Rugs knows, he is nothing more than a blow-hard magpie that is incapable of leading even amateur rug collectors in discussing them. Forget about his inability to identify airport-art from genuine textile art.

His views on dating old rugs with C14 analysis are as flawed as his oft expressed opinions about them.

The fact the LACMA rug was dated to the period 1460-1650 with a 95.4% probability is no more factual than our opinion published here on RugKazbah.com.

We presented a detailed art historical analysis of the rug with others of its type that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt dodds's "Bellini" is a bellini in name only as, save for its gross overall design, no other feature can be related to any genuinely historic example.

There is little doubt even dodds, someone who RK believes has little real expertise in identifying historic Turkish weaving, knew his "bellini" was a dud.

How could he not know after trying unsuccessfully for at least a decade to sell the rug to any and all comers?

Saying dodds's sales pitch to LACMA was disingenuous is about as polite a statement as one could make; though, saying he lied through his teeth might be more apt according to us.

Rugdom is full of clowns like price and pooh-bah posers like dodds, and about the only thing one could recount about their differences is the fact price is recognized by rugdom as a fool while dodds continues to enjoy being referred to and treated as an expert and member of rugdom's caste of illuminati characters.

Another laughable rug world reality…

Author: jc
Sun, Jun 3rd, 2007 06:08:22 PM

Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price and his sidekick filiberto are typical ruggies in that they believe the hype, distortions, ignorance and, yes, lies disseminated by hali and its crew of high profile advertiser dealers.

How many rather worthless rugs have been sold to "clients" for big money?

How many times has RK heard stories of dodds and others who have taken clients to the cleaners?

How many fake, overly restored mediocre old rugs have been sold at major auctions to the unsuspecting or naive?

How many times has hali disregarded and turned a blind eye to such machinations. How many more times has hali gone along with them?

These issues, which are absolutely related to their and rugdom’s treatment of dodds's sale of the dud "Bellini" to LACMA, demonstrate the dire need for some self-regulation and vetting in this art area.

It is perfectly clear hali and the icoc/acor committees are all "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" marsupials -- monkeys all.

So it is no wonder when a rug-moron like Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price or filiberto not only swallow the party line hook and sinker but then have the ignorance and false sense of righteousness to claim RK is off base.

Sorry, turko-idiots but eventually the truth always comes out and dodds/LACMA disaster will, even if the rug remains in the Museum, remain a black spot on not only his "career" but on the entire rug world in general.

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