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Sat, Jun 2nd, 2007 10:49:08 AM
Topic: Turko-honesty or just plain Stupidity?

The following was written by Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price:

"Hi Larry
I wouldn't worry about being a novice - most of us are. Once in awhile we have an expert prepare a ****(salon,ed.), but that's the exception."

While some might see steev's honesty as anything but proof of why RK has maintained his website should be private and not open to public access, we surely don't.

There is little doubt rugdom doesn't need anymore amateurish presentations done by novices, and the saloons and commentaries that appear on price's website rarely rise above an abysmally novice level and are sometimes even worse.

Maybe price and his turko-idiot band of merry posters enjoy wallowing in mediocrity but RK is sure there are few others who enjoy playing along with or viewing their efforts.

Get off the net, price=clown, and take your dumb as rocks comments, opinions and sidekicks with you.

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