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Thu, Jun 7th, 2007 01:13:07 PM
Topic: Seeing is Believing

Seeing is said to be believing and hopefully many of those who attended the Istanbul icoc had their "eyes" opened.

Well, that is to say if they were not too jet-lagged or rug-weary when confronted, face-to-face, with some of the best Turkish Village Rugs in existence -- those from the storerooms of the Vakiflar and Turk ve Islam Museums.

RK has had the pleasure to seeing and handling a number of these pieces on our long ago extended trip to Turkey in 1980.

We had also been very familiar with them beforehand through our studying several pre-1980 books where some of these masterpieces were illustrated.

In our case, we knew how great these pieces were from just looking at their photos. Sadly, as we almost always found out, others were not as intuitive or expert.

How do we know this?

Well, let's just say had they been as aware as we were they would not have been deluded into buying or selling rugs that were, in reality, much later reflections or "copies" of these genuine ones that can truly be bestowed with the early dates (1400-1650) now ascribed to the Turkish Museum masterpieces.

Proof of this mis-dating is readily displayed by even a casual look thru old issues of hali where advertisements by micheal, aka little lord, franses; johnny eskanazi, who for years acted as franses surrogate and side-show barker; franz aka the cheat sailer; dennis aka the serial over-dater and charger dodds, and a few others who hawked 18th and even early 19th century Turkish rugs as 16th and 17th century, are still there for all to still see.

Don’t believe RK? Go look for yourselves and send in any pictures from these carpetbagging dealers ads that you feel we have mischaracterized. That is if you can find one!(There are a few but they are way too far between to cut these serial rug over-daters any slack or reprieve.)

Notwithstanding the many Turkish Village rugs incorrectly to assigned early dates, there are a goodly number of these rugs, again most held in Istanbul’s Museums, that are the real deal, as anyone with the proper understanding and experience can affirm.

Here is one photo of such a rug and we illustrate it randomly from the many we know:

Looking at a rug like this and then seeing the dud of a Turkish “Village” rug dennis dodds pawned off on the Los Angeles County Art Museum should prove why we continue to press for dodds to rescind the sale and take his over-restored, late genre copy of a “Bellini” back to his basement gallery in Pennsylvania.

Frankly, so far there is nothing new here in this post but the reason for this preamble is to put the following quotation, which recently appeared online at Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price’s rug romper-room website, into a meaningful perspective:

“Then, of course, there were all the pile carpets. It was an incredible experience to see room after room after room of this marvelous material.”

Uttered by rug-toadie supreme, windle swann, who by the way has finally become the big-shot in rugdom he always aspired to -- congratulations, windle.

But it is too bad you have learned little, or ever forwarded anything original, in the decades you have been hajji baba-ing and, of course as many know and have told RK, swindling your fellow hajji’s – well at least those rug-ignorant enough to fall for your not so clever ploys.

All thoughts of windle’s rug swindles aside, RK hopes now, that his eyes have seen the light and been enlightened by “room after room of this marvelous material”, he will, instead of dishing out well-deserved platitudes to the masterpiece rugs he saw, show us all that he really learned something by now publicly stating how inferior dodds’s “Bellini” is to any, even the worst of the great Turkish Village Rugs, he saw in Istanbul.

Come on now, swindle, even though RK knows you are nothing but a status quo supporting rug know-little toadie, even someone with your puny understanding of Turkish Village rugs should now, after all those “room after room” moments you experienced, be able to discern what a dud dodds’s rug is.

We’re waiting, but windle is not the only one who should now see the truth in what RK has been saying since we first learned of dodds’s “score” in off-loading the “Bellini” into LACMA's lap.

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