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Fri, Jun 15th, 2007 07:03:42 PM
Topic: Man of his Word or Just a Carpet-bagger?

It’s a long way down from selling LACMA a quarter million dollar late genre copy of a “Bellini” rug to posting a late 19th century Uzbek embroidery on rugrabbit.com.

But that’s exactly where dodds has ended up.

Before we go further we must say, though dodds has come a long, long way down, he still hasn’t forgotten to ask prices that are way too high for the quality of goods, like the embroidery or the "Bellini", he peddles.

Here a pic of the embroidery in question:

By the way, dodds is asking $15,000.oo for this, circa 1900 at best, Uzbek (probably Samarkand as we’ve been told by one of the leading authorities in the “suzani” field) embroidery.

Just like the LACMA “Bellini”, this embroidery is not only severely overpriced, again according to our suzani expert, but market-weary as dodds has been trying to off-load this piece for at least a decade, if not more.

Too bad dale gluckman the naïve, gullible ex-curator at LACMA is gone, otherwise dodds could probably pull some more wool, well in this case silk, over her eyes once again.

One thing is sure, no one else seems to want it -- just like what happened with the “Bellini”.

Will dodds learn his lesson?

Hell no, it’s still full steam ahead, as his getting away scott-clean with the LACMA caper has embolden him into believing he's invincible and untouchable in rugdom. And it surely appears that way because RK is the only person, so far, to publicly object to his caper.

That said, RK believes eventually the chorus of objectors will grow larger, more vocal, and sooner or later dodds will have to wipe that cat-ate-the-mouse expression off his face.

By the way, we would like to make public an email exchange, with dodds, that RK is privy to:

"Dr. Dodds:
How old and what would be the price of the purple silk suzani you recently posted at rugrabbit?
Any other purple pieces?
Thank you:

(ed. name withheld)

dodds replies:
"Hello and thank you for your enquiry. The unusual purple silk suzani with ascending blossoms is $15,000USD and dates to the late 19c. I have another fine purple ground silk suzani in my rugrabbit inventory that is a more classic Shahrizabs type with medallion and botehs design and dates to the mid-19c or earlier. It is $25,000USD.

I attach images here and welcome any questions that you might have. Both were published in the catalogue of the Philadelphia ICOC conference exhibitions in 1996: Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections.

These prices are inclusive of international shipping via Fedex.
Yours sincerely,_Dennis Dodds"

"Hello Dr. Dodds:

I have studied the photos and hope you will not be put off by this question.
How do you know this and the other piece are late 19th century and not new?

dodds replies:
"Dear (ed. Name withheld),
Thank you for your question. Yes there are very good and convincing copies being made, mainly in the past 5-6 years.

First, we know that both pre-date 1996, since they were published at that time. Next, the medallion suzani was also advertised in a very early issue of HALI in the early 80s I believe, so we know it existed before then.

Thirdly, if you were to examine and study the pieces and compare them to other examples of this genre, as I have, you would conclude, as I have, that they are definitely not new.

Fourth, Elena Tsareva, Curator of Central Asian textiles in St Petersburg, saw these two pieces when she installed her collection (including a purple-ground suzani that is also published in Atlantic Collections) at the Philadelphia ICOC in 1996.

I am confident that she would have commented -- strongly -- if these were new.

Finally, I sell all my pieces, including these suzanis, with a guarantee of authenticity, based upon 35 years of experience in this field. If you find that they are not what I say they are, I will refund your purchase in full.

If you will give me your telephone number, even if it is international, I will be pleased to contact you to disucuss(sic) personally any additional questions you might have.

Yours sincerely,_Dennis Dodds"

Well, well, first off, foremost and since we all now know the LACMA “Bellini” isn’t 16th century, as dodds unabashedly claimed when he was peddling it to LACMA and everyone else who would listen (neither is it a masterpiece of its type, museum worthy, or in dodds’s private collection and never offered for sale - all claims gluckman told us quote/unquote he made) don’t those statements qualify as grounds for return under dodds’s “guarantee of authenticity”?

The embroidery might be naïve, cute or whatever palaver dodds wants to throw on the wall but it is surely not worth 15,000 dollars. The rug market knows this and that is why dodds is reduced to hawking it on rugrabbit.com, as he has already tried everything but an ebay auction to move it.

By the way, dodds's big ego-out and bragging about his "score" allowed RK to learn of LACMA's role in the purchase of the late genre copy of a “Bellini”.

RK is quite sure the same goes with his equally as braggadocios, and to us seemingly meaningless, claim to stand behind his words and his sales.

Clearly dodds’s “guarantee of authenticity” is just more hot air and palaver. Otherwise, he would stand like a man and take back the “Bellini” based on all the bogus, highly specious and now well known claims he made.

By the way, we have heard from a very reliable source dodds is planning to get out of the rug business and that’s why he is flogging his “collection”, ie inventory, in any and all venues he can find.

Could dodds’s desire and reason for “retiring” have anything to do with RK crusade to unmask him as the carpet-bagging liar and serial over-charging rug dealer RK and many other know him to be?

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