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Mon, Jun 18th, 2007 11:29:30 AM
Topic: Looking Back @ the LA Times Article

Early in 2005 the Los Angeles Times published an “article” about the Museum’s purchase of the “Bellini” from dodds.

We immediately posted the article, and our comments, on RugKazbah.com where they still remain for all to read in this same Topic Area”: “ The LA Times looks at the LACMA Rug”

In replying to the Times reporter dodds says the following:

"I stand behind the rug 100%," Dodds said. "I supplied the museum with reams of examples of carpets from museums and private collections around the world showing conclusively that the iconography, the architectural detail, in the LACMA carpet is fully consistent with other carpets from this period.

Let RK interrupt to bring some sense before anyone besides dodds starts to believe this malarkey.

First off being “consistent with” says nothing - all late genre copies are “consistent with” their models.

And saying so is nothing but meaningless, pompous, sales-patter.

But even worse, after supplying "those reams" of examples" wouldn't it be impossible for anyone, even dennis dodds, to disprove how poorly his rug compares with them? Guess he never breeched that subject, huh?

He then goes on trying to turn the sow’s ear into the silk-purse of Henry VIII:

"The LACMA carpet comes from a distinguished lineage of reputable collectors and dealers," Dodds said. "Over the past 25 or 30 years, it has been published in exhibition catalogs and respected journals. It's one of the great carpets of this type in existence."

At the time we responded as follows:

”Any sane person who has read RK.com, or who knows early Turkish rugs, would have trouble not peeing in their pants with laughter as they read this quote from dodds. What a load of crapola! Distinguished lineage? Remember this rug started its public history in German dealer Franz Bausback’s 1981 exhibition. It then disappeared from view until dodds himself published it in the Atlantic Collections book many years later. It was recently, post sale to LACMA, published in hali in an article written by sherry hunter, who could be easily called a Turkish rug-know-nothing. So please, mr. dodds, show us any other instances to support your hilarious ‘history’ this dud of a rug maintains.”

Oh,'scuze us, we forgot to mention all the advertisements dodds placed in hali to try and secure a sale.

We had then, and we have now, no respect for dodds’s character, his business ethics or his alleged rug expertise and we wrote the following in our coverage of the LA Times “article”:

Calling it '… one of the great carpets of this type in existence" does nothing other than call your credentials as an “expert” into serious question.

It also is one of the most egregious examples of hyperbole ever uttered in connection with a piece of woven art.

It also shows you to be the fool RK.com, and many others, believes you are.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jun 18th, 2007 11:29:30 AM

About the only comment one could make, after reading dodds's ridiculous beliefs about his "Bellini", is that he either knows little about early Turkish rugs or he is a bald-faced liar.

In our opinion, he is both - a know-little and a liar.

Rugdom needs to address why the highest profile member of the rug community, after all his IS the president of the icoc, has been exempt from any critical oversight or comment -- commentary and critique that is, obviously, long overdue.

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