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Tue, Jun 19th, 2007 04:22:32 PM
Topic: Forget the Facts: Hype the Hype

Yesterday RK learned about Textile Museum Associates of Southern California’s recent and hastily called meeting focused on the “new” findings for the LACMA "Bellini".

We have now learned enough to know this event was nothing more than another attempt by those who fear the truth to squash it.

It gave them an unopposed opportunity to continue the pointless whitewash and cover-up many in rugdom feel is the only way to counter the truth about dodds's sale of that late period genre copy "Beliini" to LACMA.

We have heard some pretty outlandish hype and BS that supposedly went down at the meeting and also later during a "private" luncheon attended by only a few members and attending staff from LACMA.

Perhaps the most ridiculous is that "Jack Cassin has given up his objections to the sale and importance of the carpet". Also that we had “apologized to LACMA, withdrawn all of our questions and now agree with the carbon 14 dating of the rug to 1450-1650.”

As anyone who even knows us slightly would know: This is completely untrue and absurd.

We are as firmly convinced dodds used lies, deceit and duplicity to sell it, as we are in our opinion the rug is nothing more than a late period genre reproduction, dating circa 1750.

RK is sure this latest bit of subterfuge has been concocted by dodds and his group to counter the rising swell of information proving his lies and culpability in pawning off a rug he has tried to sell for two decades with no success.

If nothing else, history demonstrates no one ever wanted to buy the "Bellini" and the only reason dodds finally sold it was his lying through his teeth about its history and "alleged" importance to convince a naive, hapless and soon-to-be-retired LACMA curator to recommend its purchase.

If that ain't enough proof, what more would anyone want??

Time to have the truth explained to all, and as we suggested we are willing to get on a stage, real or virtual, with dodds or anyone else to debate the rug’s merits or lack thereof.

So far all those who believe what we say is not true are too afraid to face us because they know we will shred their worthless and highly specious arguments to make them look like the rug know-littles they are.

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