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Mon, Jun 25th, 2007 06:44:36 PM
Topic: Fake or Just Late:re jim allen aka a-bey

Readers of RugKazbah.com know dennis dodds is not the only carpet-bagging over-dater to walk the halls of rugdom and, in fact, he has company for there are other serial abusers like him.

One of them is jim aka jimbo allen, who has consistently attempted, and many times succeeded, in selling new reproductions as 19th century and even earlier.

We have shed light before on jimbo’s transparent attempts but, sadly, none of the naïve buyers allen has bamboozled have RK’s expertise to help them out.

Formerly allen used EBAY to move his repros and, as we have heard it, he has gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Perhaps that is why he is not selling often on EBAY but he has begun to post his “antique rugs” on other sites as well.

Today we noticed allen is trying to sell a Tekke khalyk on one of these websites. It is almost ludicrous but allen has stated the khalyk is 18th century – we doubt it is anything other than late 19th after examining pictures he emailed to a prospective buyer.

We are positive it is NOT 18th century and would be willing to wager a goodly sum on that, as well as on our judgement it is late 19th century at best.

Quite frankly speaking, we harbor some thoughts it might even be much newer than that but without being able to handle it, we will just say we suspect that might be the case.

Here are some details of the piece:

RK has probably owned about a half a dozen or so pre-1860 khalyk, even one or two that genuinely were 18th, and we have also seen quite a number more.

We know them well and that is why we are highly suspicious of allen’s – especially his over the top 18th century date.

There is little doubt allen has sold a number of brand new reproduction rugs, as well as over-dating and over-describing late 19th century ones that have been heavily restored.

Rug dealers like dodds and allen can only survive and prosper because the business of selling antique rugs is totally unsupervised. Add to that the lack of experts, who are truly knowledgeable and/or honest enough to make judgment calls like RK has, both in the past and still today, and you have the perfect ingredients for an atmosphere where cheats and liars, like allen and dodds, can get away with their rug-scams.

Should jimbo want to try and disprove what RK has said either about him, his business, or the Tekke Khalyk, we welcome him to post on our open discussion board.

That offer has been extended to him in the past and it should come as no surprise to anyone he has not even tried to support his ridiculous claims of age and importance for the rugs, like the khalyk, we have deemed fakes and late genre airport-art.

The same goes for dodds and his specious spiels about his often over-dated, over-estimated and over-priced merchandise.

Author: RDC Mon, Jun 25th, 2007 06:44:36 PM

Jim Allen deserves to be exposed (again) for the fraud/liar/cheat/thief that he is. If you would have included his name in the Subject heading of this thread it might have shown up on a Google search.

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