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Fri, Jun 29th, 2007 11:06:33 AM
Topic: democrat=republican/republican=democrat

The immigration bill, which died in the senate yesterday, was a dastardly piece of legislation. Ushered by the globalist cabal as one more step to the world government they have been working actively towards for almost 100 years, it is quite interesting to read the following fact:

"All the Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate voted to end debate and advance the bill. Among the Republican candidates, only Sen. John McCain of Arizona voted to keep the measure alive."

At this point in time America has only one political party - the party of globalism, greed, death and destruction.

Unless you sheeple of America wake up, and do it soon, we will all find ourselves adrift in a sea where freedom, democracy and inalienable rights are nothing more than distant memories....

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