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Sun, Jul 1st, 2007 01:10:13 PM
Topic: July 1, 2007

Today is July 1st, and it provides a good time, actually a demarcation point, for RK to assess what has happened concerning "LACMA's Questionable Rug Purchase" and our crusade to bring the truth and facts to light.

There is little doubt our efforts have borne fruit and no one who has read even a miniscule amount of the evidence we have documented could possibly believe LACMA's "Bellini" is anything but the late period genre reproduction we have maintained it was from the start.

Nor could anyone believe dennis dodds did anything but lie and cheat his way into the sale, as the facts prove his deceit.

Nor could anyone believe that at first LACMA did anything but try to cover up the issue.

Nor could anyone believe hali magazine, the icoc and acor boards of directors did anything but ignore the issue and, like LACMA, hope it would just go away.

Well go away it hasn't, and to LACMA's credit they finally did start to do the due diligence and investigations about the "Bellini" they should have done prior to its purchase.

About that RK can only say: "Too little too late", but the door is not closed on what LACMA's next moves might or might not be.

Surely RK doesn't know, nor do we have a crystal ball to see into the future.

But, regardless, we do know one thing: "If rugdom gets off its fat, lazy butt and chimes in on the issue, we are sure LACMA will take notice."

This tack, getting rugdom involved and vocal, has been one RK has been pushing for two years and, unlike the due diligence and investigations LACMA has finally undertaken, rugdom still has not shown any inclination to do anything other than remain silent.

So today RK has decided to make public our intentions to ratchet-up the level of our objections to LACMA's seemingly nonchalance stance concerning a high value purchase that was, in fact, nothing more than a con-game and fraud perpetrated against it.

Likewise, we have decided to increase our objections to rugdom's total avoidance of the issue, as well as hali apparent collusion with dodds to keep him safe from having to respond to his abject and totally dishonest sales pitch and miserable business ethics.

RK is, and has been, alone in this effort, however,it is fact many now know what outrageous lies and mistruths dodds used to make the sale, as well as knowing how inferior and unimportant his bogus "Bellini" truly is.

So stay tuned here and we are sure much sooner than later this issue will explode and when it does dodds, hali and many in rugdom will not escape its initial blast and further ramifications.

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