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Tue, Jul 3rd, 2007 02:55:51 PM
Topic: New hali: More Baloney but No "bellini"

According to hali's website, their new issue is out and lo and behold there is, naturally, not a mention of the dodds "bellini" fraud.

This should come as no surprise to anyone with enough intelligence to turn on a computer, as hali's silence is nothing more than continuing support for dodds and his miserable business and personal ethics - clearly they are shared by, or at least approved by, those who now run hali.

Well, at the least, to those at hali who are running hali into the ground by avoiding the issue, that is.

RK did notice an article in their newly printed volume titled : "An East Turkestan carpet and the enigma that surrounds its meaning".

Is hali only interested in trying to clear up "enigmas" but not blatant facts like dodds's "bellini" is a not the "circa 1550 masterpiece of the type" etc, etc he claimed while making the sale? Guess so is the only answer here.

A propos to hali's ongoing refusal to objectively, or even editorially, weigh in on dodds's "bellini", we have heard they have been sent a letter from someone in Los Angeles, who believes he is an "expert" and someone to whom LACMA could turn to for advice.

We just spoke to the writer and learned this from him, however, since we put little credence in his alleged "credentials" as a rug expert, and know full well he is, at best only trying to further ingratiate himself with LACMA, we are sure his letter will express nothing more than tacit support for dodds's full of lies sales pitch and praise for the museum's too little too late after the purchase due diligence and investigation.

While blaming the naive curator for her mistakes in failing to do the proper investigation before the sale -- something he told us he would be mentioning (in fact it was the only point he did fess up to citing) -- might seem to be important to someone of his limited scope, RK believes this is as worthless as closing the gate after the horse has galloped away.

No, blaming the hapless and gullible dale gluckman is a waste of time because the only person who truly is culpable and GUILTY is dennis dodds.

Remember everyone dodds lied and lied and lied some more; and all gluckman did was believe his lies -- lies that were originally supported, vetted and approved by Denny, johnny boy thompson and louise mackie.

Also, let’s remember Denny, to his credit, soon thereafter revised his position on the rug. Clearly his re-dating it "...to the period 1650-1750 but at the end of that continuum." should be far more believable than the now far from conclusive three rounds of c14 guesstimating LACMA has done.

RK will await seeing the entire letter sent to hali when and if it is published. As soon as it is we will do exactly what we told hthe writer we would do -- "either shred any attempts at further BS and nonsense or praise to the rafters any real truth and sense he might have chosen to express.

Time will tell, both what he has written and what hali might say in reply, but time has run out on dodds's belief, and that of his supporters as well, he is above scrutiny and condemnation for the mis-representations, deceit and outright lies he used to sell the "bellini" to dale gluckman, LACMA's now retired former Costume and Textile Department head, and those in the Collectors’ Committee, who authorized and funded the purchase on her recommendation.

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