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Wed, Jul 4th, 2007 12:08:11 PM
Topic: Once a Liar, Always a Liar

When people get away with a big lie ultimately they will not only lie again but lie in an even bolder and more outrageous fashion.

This is obviously where dennis dodds finds himself, since no one has questioned the outrageous prevarications he used in selling the “bellini” to LACMA.

The latest example to prove dodds believes he can spin golden truth from dull, dry straw might be far less dastardly than his lies to LACMA but, nonetheless, demonstrate the feeling of invincibility dodds harbors thanks to rugdom’s turning its blind eyes to his scams and capers.

Recently dodds advertised the following rug online and here is a detail of it:

However, it’s not the rug but rather dodds’s description that is of interest:

“The sculptural effect in this rug is due to normal oxidation of the brown dyes in the ground color. The continuous wave guard borders are often found in Kurdish work. There is an attractive light purple dye. Stylized animals, archaic kaikalik crosses and vigorously serrated ashik forms add to the rich mix of totemic images. Along the central axis are four indented medallions of a type found in Kurdish rugs of southeast Anatolia. The pile is made from lustrous mountain wool, probably sheared in the autumn. The dyes are numerous and saturated. The lower guard border has been expertly restored; original selvedges. 4.0x7.8, late 19c.”

As anyone who has ever read a dodds rug description, or heard his verbose rug-spiels, the hyperbole and big word-itis dodds suffers from comes across loud and clear.

However, there is one sentence here that, except for one other similarly ridiculous utterance from another supposed rug world expert and luminary, takes the cake for rug exaggeration.

“The pile is made from lustrous mountain wool, probably sheared in the autumn.”

Now please, mr dodds, are you so expert in examining wool that you can tell if the wool was sheared in the spring or fall?

Get off it dodds, you lying sack of bull turds. If you really knew anything about wool, how the heck did you not realize at least 30% of your “bellini” is modern restoration?

Oh, that’s right you knew but you lied anyway to make the sale and told LACMA it was in “excellent condition”, except possibly for a few rows of knots at each end, some at the sides and the expert minor repiling in other areas of the field.

Anyone who might believe dodds can tell when wool was sheared on a rug that is 100 plus years old is rather gullible and dim but someone, like dodds, who makes such a statement is worse -- nothing but a slick-willie salesman and even far dimmer to believe anyone will credence it.

There is little doubt dodds knows he has gotten away with a major scam -- unloading the “bellini” on LACMA. But because the “bellini” has a long and rather bleak history, and RK has uncovered and documented it, dodds chances for continuing to escape from that history are looking bleaker and bleaker every day.

Stay tuned for more on the dodds/LACMA fraud, as RK now has, in our possession, a document that can convince even the most ardent dodds supporter what a liar and rug know-little he truly is.

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