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Sun, Jul 8th, 2007 06:11:37 PM
Topic: New Information

RK now has in our possession the written offer and assessment dodds sent to gluckman(the now retired curator who recommended LACMA's Collector's Committee purchase the "bellini").

He apparently wrote this to help her frame the verbal presentation that was given to the Collector's Committee in 2004.

We have carefully read it and, to our surprise, it is even more apparent that dodds knows even less about early Turkish Village rugs than we imagined.

At this time we are not going to publish what dodds wrote, or our comments. The reason for this is our ongoing behind-the-scene discussions to try and resolve this thorny issue but as soon as these negotiations are complete we will, then, most probably be in the position to release it publicly.

We will, however, now state for the record that dodds wrote the LACMA "bellini" is an example of "Central Anatolian Turkmen weaving". Perhaps, if some readers are confused here, let RK assuage their discomfort by explaining this reference is not only extremely obtuse and questionable but completely off the wall in respect to the "bellini", a rug that owes almost its entire stylistic origins to western Turkish, Ushak area, weaving.

That said, please remember the "bellini" is nothing but a late genre period reproduction and pastiche based on the models those earlier and far more important rugs established.

We have often cast dennis dodds as a rug-know-little and this document proves that to the max.

Stay tuned for further developments…

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