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Tue, Jul 10th, 2007 02:33:33 PM
Topic: possiblyPhoney as a Three Dollar Bill

(ed. After further examination of the poor quality photos we have, at this time we must state the possibility the rug is 19th century - but under not means any older. Also the "what's original and what's recent "restoration" question" looms large as well. But in any event our judgement was hasty and, because of that, we might have erred in this instance.)

Phoney as a three dollar bill:

Because here is no organization to vet and censor the often outrageous and bogus claims many of the more unscrupulous rug merchants forward to make a sale, there is no reason for them to honestly present their wares.

One of the most obnoxious, if not the most obnoxious, of these is an online dealer jim aka jimbo the windbag, allen.

In fact, one of allen’s alleged antique rug “treasures” and his specious claims inaugurate this new topic area.

Since posting that a few days ago, allen has gone on to post a few other suspicious pieces online and while we noticed them we did not think it important enough to weigh in further on allen’s clearly long standing and highly dishonest rug dealing practices.

However when he went and posted the rug above, especially dating it as late 17th century, we decided to act again.

The rug is, in our opinion, nothing more than an out and out fake - made to deceive the unwary and uneducated.

Here is allen’s unbelievably ridiculous description:

“Posted on 2007-07-09 21:09:19
_Late 17th Century Kiz Bergama
Classical Double Re-entrant Type well known from Classical Anatolian Weavings.

The "Large 'S' border" subtends pairs of kissing birds and is a truly outstanding example of this border in the Classical context. Colors are primarily from indigo and madder including a strong sure purple. The main border design crops up frequently in the fields of mid 18th century weavings from the Bergama area in Anatolia. A true Museum Piece for the very best of collections. _
Inquiries : Jim Allen”
(ed. underline emphasis added)

Need we say more?

Author: jc
Tue, Jul 10th, 2007 02:33:33 PM

An astute reader emailed us this morning to tell us windbag jimbo has removed the "late 17th century" dating from his online description of the rug.

See how vetting works.

If rugdom would rebuke those, like allen, who trample fair and honest salesmanship and ethics into the ground, RK is sure things would change.

And it's about time, now isn't it?

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