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Fri, Jul 13th, 2007 11:22:02 AM
Topic: Clownland Pipe-Dream

The Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve price's oriental rug website(clownland is our way to refer to it) is a laughable affair where rug know-nothings and know-littles chatter away about, frankly, nothing but their own egos most of the time.

RK has written copiously about their less than erudite antics and dumber than dumb opinions about rugs - even those of the most pedestrian types.

We surely do not want to revisit any of those posts here. However, when one of professor's clown's most reliable chattering magpies, jr know-nothing howe, writes the following, we feel it is worth quoting just for the humor level of it all:

"Incidentally, with all due respect to the scholars among us, some of them do tend to take themselves and their studies too seriously in my opinion."

Scholars among them? Phuleeze now - there isn't a scholar among them or if you took all of clownland and put them together you couldn't produce even a tenth of a scholar....yesssshhhh take about self-congratulations.

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 13th, 2007 11:22:02 AM

As seen on Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price's oriental rug website:

"What surprised me a little was that there didn't seem much interest in further discussing the design origins etc. Perhaps there isn't much to say..."

Another clownland pipe dream: that anyone who posts there has enough rug savvy and expertise to discuss any pre-airport-art period rug related topic at length.

The rug challenged professor and his cadre of rug nincompoops and worse are barely capable of the most rudimentary rug analysis or commentary and anyone who expects more from them would have to be equally as amateur and deficient as they.

It's really not funny but sad because some of the posters, like the person responsible for the quote above, who get ensnared in price's venus flytrap of a rug website, are genuine in their pursuit of rug knowledge. And while RK is the first to admit how truly hard it is to learn about pre-commercial period oriental rugs, trying to do so on professor clown's rug sandbox is not only a waste of effort but also an impossibility.

Think we are wrong? Go look back in the clownland's archives and you will see the same stupid opinions and dumber than rocks responses were being issues years ago. The level of commentary has not changed for the better -- and changing for the worse would be an impossibility.

And that, dear readers is funny.

Author: jr know-nothing
Thu, Jul 12th, 2007 06:21:08 AM

R. John Howe
Registered: Jan 2002
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Rich -
Yes, it is not often recognized with sufficient visibility that Steve Price and Filiberto Boncompagni put in enormous amounts of time and effort to make our conversations here possible.

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