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Fri, Jul 20th, 2007 02:47:26 PM
Topic: A Magpie named steev price

Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price proves, once again, what a rug fool and clown he is.

"Hi Marty
I had no trouble seeing the family resemblance between those two rugs once you pointed it out, just didn't have anything useful to say about it."

Could this be anything but another admission by price, who is known not only to RK as the dunce of rugdom, that he knows little and realizes it.

Maybe, the best rejoiner to professor price=clown would be "Please tell us, professor, when have you ever had 'anything useful to say'..."about an old oriental rug?

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 20th, 2007 02:47:26 PM

There is little doubt Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price is a clown of major proportions.

He prevaricates like someone who doesn’t know truth from falsehood and, on top, is a hypocrite as well.

Example: price the rug-idiot is trying to make stick the idea that RK's policy of an open, unmediated, discussion board is a lie because we banned several miscreants, like cevat kanig, whose sole goal in posting on RugKazbah.com was to try and prove points that were either blatantly false or full of the worse types of innuendo and personal attack - that which is specious and false.

In addition, all those who are banned were warned many times to cease and desist from such activities and RK surely walked the long mile with them before they were summarily banned from participation.

Can price, the severely rug-challenged Virginia Commonwealth University professor say his website is even 100th as open as RugKazbah? Or that he would have allowed even a 100th of the personal attacks RK has experienced, and left online for all to see by the way, on his website?

Of course the answer is a resounding NO to both these questions.

But according to price and his ass-backwards logic it is perfectly legitimate for him to criticize actions he himself is too afraid, thin-skinned and dictatorial to allow.

The fact we have called Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price a turko-idiot, a prevaricator, and a hypocrite and he has yet to offer one iota fact to attempt to rebut our allegations goes that long mile to demonstrating he is incapable of proving the contrary.

Well, at least rugdom's biggest online clown is aware of one thing: His trying to counter our accusations will only further the proof our points about him right on and totally correct.

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 18th, 2007 06:11:34 PM

Here's another of today's brilliant deductions from rugdom's clown, Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price:

"Things don't have to be antiques to be artistic or, at least, craftsmanlike, or(sic) to be valuable."

Whoa, that price really knows his stuff, now doesn't he.

What a remarkable deduction that is. We sure hope professor price didn't get a hernia with such heavy intellectual lifting.

But, alas, it is just like many others that have fallen from price's flatulent mouth.

What a meat-head clown he is to believe anyone, other than his family members (poor them for being related to the dunce of rugdom) or the few rug-know-nothings that flock around him like pidgeons in San Marco Square, Venice, would want to be privy to price's gaffs, dumb as rocks statements and/or excuses for his failures to demonstrate anything but his rug ignorance.

And to keep doing it? Yesshhhh, time to get off the net and out of the public's eye, clown. And, phuleeze, be sure to take your sandbox, amateur hour rug website with you.

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