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Thu, Jul 26th, 2007 01:08:07 PM
Topic: know nothing steev

Here’s rug-idiot steev’s idea of disproving what we wrote last year:

Can someone else, besides the intellectually enfeebled author, explain the logic in taking our detail photo of the rug, one of a “boat” border detail off a Turkmen main carpet and relate them to the “peak” of a dog house with the dog, by chance, standing in partially in front?

Besides the fact this analogy shows Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price knows nothing about the subject; it is sophomoric, absurdly oblique and demonstrates he couldn’t say anything else.

But ignorance never stops price=clown from flapping his jaws.

RK forgot more than price will ever know and will be glad, anytime/anywhere, to prove how little he does know.

RK is sure price will not take us up on this but since we have already said plenty in print we would like to see him say something cogent and noteworthy. Go ahead, steev, let’s see you really try to critique any of the Weaving Art Museum exhibitions we authored or any of the posts here on RugKazbah.com.

Big mouthed, with nothing of value to say—that’s professor steev price and he knows it.

That is why he could never really try to critique what we have written, that’s why he slings innuendo and throws spit-balls like a juvenile. He can’t get it up, and that’s abundantly clear every time he tries to diss us.

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 26th, 2007 01:08:07 PM

Obviously the "reason" Virginia Commonwealth University professor and rug putz, steev price, doesn't want any "discussion" of the EBAY chuval is his fear posters will not, like his equally as moronic-rug-buddy, mr williams, post similarly absurd reasons to support the equally as absurd "opinion" that the chuval is a late, ugly, nothing like williams tried but failed miserably to enunciate.

This protectionism is typical for price, who proves consistently how little he knows and how paranoid he is about it.

His over-active, fearful, defense to "protect" his website from any criticism or critique of himself or his woe begotten cockamamie rug comments demonstrates for all to see his hypocritical and autocratic personality.

We are sure this is the rational behind professor price=clown’s now preventing anyone from posting about the EBAY chuval.

It is quite apparent price believes anyone who would post the truth about the chuval, something loud-mouth williams fell flat on his face trying not to do, would help RK. And since that would fly in the face of price's agenda he has “laid down the law”.

Unfortunately for professor clown, in doing so he only confirmed his iniquitous, dictatorial, small-minded character. He also, once again, destroyed any illusion his website is anything but a clique venue for those at the bottom of the rug barrel -- like price, filiberto, silverman, amstey, williams, et. al -- to exhibit their rug ignorance publicly.

Why professor clown insists on keeping this website public is unfathomable and can perhaps only be explained by realizing price needs the ego massage he get from the illusion he is a “leader” and providing the public with a useful “forum”.

We will grant his forum is public, however, the small group of participants and their extreme lack of sophistication, expertise, knowledge and experience with antique oriental rugs(save airport-art and worse examples) patently denies any worthwhile good or effect price, or these people, might do by continually demonstrating their deficiencies for all to see.

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 25th, 2007 05:51:53 PM

Here's Virginia Commonwealth University professor steve, aka the turko-idiot, price's clown act of the day:

" “The sale ends in 8 days. When its over, the piece and its description in the listing will provide plenty of material for discussion of the juval and of the seller. We can take up all sorts of things, including its aesthetics and age - it will only be a week older then than it is now, so not much will have changed."

Really now professor price you clown.

What could you, or anyone in your troop of rug know-littles, have to say about it?

Will you all need a week to get down and do some heavy lifting in your libraries of rug books?

Will you all be righteously studying away so you might just be able to hold you own when discussing RK's chuval that is for sale on EBAY?

Of course not, as none of you probably has any significant library of books and, even if you all did, you've never read them, thats for sure.

So, professor clown, why make RK wait a week or more to watch you prove what rug-dummies you all are -- do it now, RK needs a few more laughs -- reading mr williams's pathetic comments were funny enough but yours, we are sure, will be even more hilarious.

Author: jc
Tue, Jul 24th, 2007 01:15:40 PM

Know-nothing steev has mouthed off today about the Tekke chuval we posted for sale on EBAY yesterday.

RK welcomes the rug-moron professor from Virginia Commonwealth University to attempt to critique the piece and/or our description of it.

Come on, steev, let's hear you say something cogent about it, rather than your trying to get away with dissing it using your usual modus operandi of pussy-footing innuendo and dumb as a box of rocks logic.

Author: jc
Mon, Jul 23rd, 2007 11:37:11 PM

Just like many other weasels we have named here on RugKazbah.com, know nothing steev, the rug challenged Virginia Commonwealth University professor, refuses to even to post here because he knows on RugKazbah we can reply.

Like dodds, and his buddy little lord franses of London, price wouldn't last 10 minutes with us on a stage, virtual or not - again why he, and they, refuses to enter into any exchange here.

So come on now, professor price=clown, posting here is simple; let's see what you have to say in an open environment.

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 20th, 2007 07:47:13 PM

The rug-moron professor from Virginia Commonwealth University, steve price, continues to claim RK is a liar allegedly because we advertise an open, unmediated website but have banned several miscreants, like kanig.

The rug challenged professor can't seem to get his wonky little mind around the fact an open unmediated discussion board is not there for anyone to take advantage of, nor is it there for those, like kanig, to spout off crapola, innuendo and personal attack with the belief they can get away with time after time after time.

No one, not even price, the turko-idiot himself, would not admit we gave all those who are now banned many opportunities to change the cut of their jibs.

In fact, we have been told we were much too generous in allowing them the right to repeatedly insult us with ridiculous unsupportable accusations.

Plus we have left everyone of their postings intact and online for all to see.

Unlike Virginia Commonwealth University professor price=clown, RK is not afraid of what people say, nor are we so power hungry and dictatorial in enforcing a bunch of pedantic, meaningless rules.

And finally, we are not so thin-skinned, paranoid and pompous to forbid those who do not agree with us from participation on RugKazbah.com, like you know who does on his webslight.

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 19th, 2007 11:44:18 PM

Not only is price a turko-idiot but he is also a turko-idiot prevaricator.

Here's the first lines of his online Virginia Commonwealth University "bio":

"I closed my laboratory in 1995. Since that time, I have devoted most of my efforts to teaching, although I still informally consult and review manuscript and grant applications."

The eminent(sic) professor closed his lab in '95 and since then devoted his time to teaching. Hmmmm, how about all the time professor price spent online reading and writing all the thousands of posts with his name on them? How about all the time he spent on Afro-dis, or is it afro-Dat?

Come on price, you fibber, you have spent tens of thousands of hours online doing who knows what.

Why didn't cha'mention that?

Let RK tell you why: Because you are a twister of truth and, far worse, an ignorant POS who has yet to produce anything original in rugs or science.

Whoops, again, honestly here, professor price, maybe we're wrong about all the time you spent online posting to turdotek, afr0Dis or dat, and Lord knows where else. Of course, of course, you consider all those postings as you teaching.

How foolish of RK, considering all the pearls of wisdom, intellect and foresight you laid on your audience....yeah right, and elephants can fly.

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 18th, 2007 11:43:36 PM

The photos come from a 5 part series:
"Synagogue Rug and the Engsi"
which can be found in our Pictures for Discussion Topic Area.

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