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Mon, Jul 23rd, 2007 05:40:16 PM
Topic: JC and Cevat became roomates

RK Replies: The real latest news is whoever posted this from Istanbul is going to find themselves in worse trouble than if THEY were sharing a room with kanig, the juvenile wanna-be rug dealer.


The latest news is that J and Cevat two legendary dealers from US have joined forces to fight fake rugs in the global marketand have moved in together. Stay tuned......

Author: CK
Mon, Jul 23rd, 2007 04:07:07 PM

RK Replies: cevat kanig, we are collecting your posts and will be forwarding them to our attorney for possible legal action.

We know you have nothing, and have a net-worth even less than a big-city dumpster diving derelict does, so any compensation we might win would be moot.

However, should you persist we will have to take action. This is your last warning.


My Friend! I think you donít know the truth about Jack, He sleeps in Vans and Hotel rooms with Gays and perverts also he is rug idiot, every body knows that, why don't you fight fake rugs with him instate of me.

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