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Fri, Jul 27th, 2007 12:22:51 PM
Topic: Airport-art collector, j. williams, flames on

One of the more over-actively stimulated rug morons, who participates with Virginia Commonwealth University professor clown in posturing as a rug know-something, is big mouthed poseur named jack williams.

It is abundantly clear from his voluminous postings of inane opinions and dumb ass "ideas", as well as pictures of his 30 year or more collection of airport-art and worse examples of Turkmen and belouch weavings, mr williams knows nothing about old rugs.

However he, like another of professor price=clowns rug challenged participants we call filiberto the fool, is an expert at cutting and pasting what other have written.

Perhaps, like filly, williams thinks his cut and paste jobs are an expression of some sort of prowess but, in fact, all they show is someone who has no original ideas. Well, none that would ever matter outside of professor clown's rug sandbox website, that is.

We are totally disinterested in what any of these people have to say and so is almost everyone else we have spoken to. However, when someone like williams scribbles the following, in reference to a Turkmen weaving that is for sale online, RK felt it important to set he record straight and, while doing so, demonstrate what a rug moron williams truly is.

By the way, here is a picture of the chuval he references and for those of you who don't already know, it belongs to RK and we have placed it on EBAY for sale.

Here's a close-up detail:

And here is verbatim william’s asinine attempt to critique the chuval and what we wrote about it.

We have added our comments in bold type after william’s. Notice he titled it “sad excuse for art”, a far more accurate description of his collection:

“sad excuse for art

After looking at this chuval, knowing what I've learned about purchasing off the internet, I wouldn't be interested.”

Frankly who could possibly care what this rug magpie moron will or will not buy. Plus we are fairly sure he’d have to sell half his collection of late 19th century airport-art rugs to afford it; even on EBAY.

“I hate to be the one to break it to Cassine, but that is a poor example of a "pre-1850" Tekke chuval. The knot ratio, probably 2:1 v x h is characteristic of the turn of 19th-20th C. “

The only poor things here are william’s inability to even spell our name correctly, and his dumb bell ideas. The ratio is not 2:1 (it happens to be 1:1.2 in fact). Plus if williams puts on his glasses, or is it puts in his glass eye, he might be able to see how foolish his comments are.

”The apparent light blue bordering some of the chuval guls is probably not true in color...ie, a fake, produced by intense creative lighting.”

Again, mr williams is full of crapola, as the photos have not been retouched or photo shopped.

”In the wool that color is probably much less intense, darker and duller.”

This also is completely wrong as the brilliant light ruby red color of the field is also true.

“The good news is that if the color WERE true, it would definitely mark the chuval likely at least 50 years younger than Cassine's claim.”

According to who, williams? Someone who has continually demonstrated a distinct inability to discern earlier weaving from airport-art? Don’t make RK readers laugh any more at your stupidity, williams, you dead-eyed, color blind rug-magpie.

”But...what about the total lack of any color ...or any decoration? Why would anyone want a chuval that has two blues, a red, a pinkish red (unless it is the same color as the field as it looks to be in places) and black and white? That's it? I have trouble even seeing any natural brown outlining.”

Put you glass eye back in its socket, williams, and you might see the brown because there is no black, you dummy. True, there is no green or yellow but this situation is often seen in many pre-1850 Tekke weavings. Too bad williams is so bent of trying to prove his lame points he, like professor price=clown, has to resort to transparent ignorance and stupidity to do it.

“If this chuval is "pre-1850," it was woven when the Tekke were still based around Sarkhs and ranging all the way down to Siestan. This is before they took the Merv oasis from the Saryk and Salor. At that time, the Tekke were the most notorious slavers in Asia. Because of their slaving and occupation of Sarkhs and the Tejend delta, their weavings were slowly becoming more ornate in the borders especially, even including silk occasionally.”

Here, once again, is williams the cut and paste man at work. We will not bother to discuss Tekke clan movements because they are meaningless in this discussion, and his referencing them only part and parcel of his bogus, poseur c/p modus operandi.

“But this one is someones(sic) poor relative at best.

Remember who is talking here – a rug collector for 30 plus years who still has not progressed past level one, at best.

”And the internal design of the guls? see below... So...is this chuval made by Tekkes in Sarkhs? Siestan? mouth of the Tejeend? or by Tekke slaves? Or...it was woven by the Akhail Tekkes? Humm, probably not...Akhail Tekke. Funny how the simplified drawing and lack of internal detail in both the gul and the chemche look so....Afghan contemporary.”

Why bother to comment on such obtuse stupidity. There is little doubt williams is full of nonsense and he sure makes that clear here.

“Odd how Cassine has included almost no structural information, knot, density, where that blue selvedge came from, etc.”

Not only is williams a rug-challenged magpie but he can’t even read. Go see the description: it clearly states the outer guard borders are missing on both sides(plus the blue selvedge is easily determined to be a replacement by anyone who can see straight, unlike williams who proves again that he can’t) and the recently added info on the structure. Not that you’d learn anything there, mr williams, as you are clearly a know-it-all, who knows nothing.

“But I also wonder about what is wrong with the red color of the field. It could be the glare, which is so intense that true colors are hard to guess (too bright or dim light for photos is a warning bell to me). But the color in the chuval field looks mottled and off beat, very shallow...and apparently he has not included a picture of the back of the chuval, usually a sign that someone is pulling a fast one.”

The only fast one here, williams, is seeing you ushered back out of rugdom's sight, your worthless collection of airport-art Turkmen, less than average belouchs and magpie rug "ideas" in tow.

“I would be quite wary of the dyes used in the field of this chuval.

OK, that's about enough williams, loud mouth put your money(if you have any) where your wide open, gaping mouth is, fool. Wanna bet 10,000$ you are dead wrong about the color, which by the way unlike the rest of your idiotic assertions, can be easily proven, positive, to anyone's satisfaction.

“The utter sardine packing of the guls that characterizes(sic) this thing is something that doesn't enhance the item at all. But the guls themselves, both chuval and chemche, are simplified almost to a cartoon...yet the border seems to be late ornate.”

If williams had any rug knowledge, he would already have located the examples in the literature we have referenced in our auction description. We’d suggest a rug fool like mr williams go check them out and then get back to us with his retraction.

“Finally, there is nothing in the borders, guards, or elem that has any unique interest, or that exhibits any life, except maybe the innermost guard border. The elem design is ok if pedestrian, though it looks very non-Tekke. This might be one reason the whole composition looks like something created by someone trying to make something that looked like an authentic Turkmen bag. Nothing fits together, it all looks contrived, like it was cut and pasted.”

Hey, williams, it's obvious you are so used to seeing airport-art Turkmen weaving, it would be impossible for you to understand the real thing even when wrapped up in it. But too bad for you: the only thing you're wrapped in is your own idiot-rug-paradise of BS and crapola.

“What I also find a little funny is that he quotes John Thompson...whom he has ridiculed and slammed, as cover for his attribution...yet the things Thompson said do not seem to apply to this chuval at all.”

Unlike you, williams you rug nobody, RK used to be on speaks with johnny boy, clearly we aren't today. To digress, thompson wasn't too obnoxious while he still was an MD but becoming a "dealer" did nothing clever to him as a person, that's for sure. Regardless, we do not believe he is the one and only expert or even that he is, or ever was, half the expert people consider him. However in this instance his assessment of the similar chuval illustrated in "Turkmen" is correct, and the best description we could find to quote.

“I admit to being influenced by small things...when looking to buy on the internet. One is the way the photo'd item is displayed, the background, how hung, etc. I am not favorably impressed if i see the rug jury rigged on coat hanger wire wrapped in aluminum foil, backgrounded(sic) against a puke yellow, paint-peeling cheap hotel-room like ceiling.”

What is williams seeing now? Aluminum foil, coat hangers, puke yellow ceiling? Must be describing his house as these photos were made outside on a stone-slab patio.

For your information, mr williams you blind as a bat rug-moron, none of the above are present in ANY photo and again, got any money for another bet, sucker?

”This chuval probably would make a good cover for my puppies bed. But frankly, looking at it gives me a giant headache. It might be the ugliest, most boring chuval I've ever seen.”

We have said it before and will say it again: Opinions are like ass-holes everyone has one. But in williams’s case it appears that’s all he has.

“I don't know if Cassine is or ever has been "an insider," or if he has "written five books." But something Cassine said in his write-up is probably true..."one thing is certain, this chuval has a design form few other Turkmen chuval [sic] display." Does that mean this could be a Baluch knock-off?”

No, it doesn’t you nincompoop. Go read the five books we wrote – you might learn something, but we doubt that would be possible in your case.

”But don't let me influence anyone who likes it. For every weaving there is someone somewhere who will like it.”

Ha ha, go try to find someone, anyone, who likes your collection of airport-art, you dope. And keep watching the chuval on EBAY, you might learn how dumb you are.

”Regards, Jack Williams”

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 27th, 2007 12:22:51 PM

We have added some additional insight into mr williams's character and distinct lack of rug knowledge in the "Today's Chuckle" topic area.

Take a look, have a chuckle at this beer-swilling magpie's dreams of rug grandeur.

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 26th, 2007 03:40:40 PM

Like a whupped pup mr wiliams has, or so it appears, decided his position vis-a-vis the Ebay chuval was about as secure as a sand-castle facing a hurricane and has, therefore, made a quick exit stage right.

People of his ilk, those who don't know but bluster and bluff like they do, are a dime a dozen and RK has seen them come in huffin' and a puffin' like a prarie fire.

Then just as frequently, like williams, we have seen them disappear back into the holes they crawled out of in the first place.

Actually, RK trusts mr williams learned his lessons here. The first and most salient one being to keep his mouth shut in the future should he feel the urge to attempt to ever diss RK again.

Ta Ta for now, willy.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Jul 25th, 2007 01:05:59 PM

To say mr williams is either mentally retarded or, like Virginia Commonwealth University professor steven price=clown, suffering the belief his misgotten opinions are unimpeachable would not be too far from reality.

Has this rug-magpie been infected by steev’s abject inability to recognize the truth or does he, too, think he walks around believing his feet don’t touch the ground?

RK surely doesn’t know, but we do know he must be about ready to bust from the humongous amount of BS that seeps out every time he tries to explain himself.

But, perhaps, what is even more enlightening about williams is his refusal to recognize he is even more dead-eyed, rug-wise than jr howe. Or is it his holding on to the absurd belief his criticizing the chuval did anything other than make him look to be the rug fool and clown we have stated he is?

In fact, williams is so full of himself, he's contining the charade and illusions of rug-grandeur by posting the following absurdities on steev’s junior rug-sandbox this morning.

We will again post a few comments in bold type after williams’s idiot version of bon mots.

But frankly, we can't help asking our self why bother, since mr williams has proven, like steev, to be a rug-terminator who will keep the BS coming no matter how much it stinks and ends up in his lap. ”Steve, I apologize for the long distance discussion.

Well can you believe it? The poor man responded on his board like a person whipped by a wire carrying an electric charge. Not surprising, it is very ego deflating to have your rug taken apart, parsed, and found to be good only for corn meal storage.”

If williams thinks that’s what happened, he is in even worse mental shape than we imagined. Might we suggest checking himself into a VA hospital?

To believe such feeble spin will deflect his exhibition of such mammoth rug ignorance is equally as stupid as making those statements in the first place.

”I almost felt sorry for the man, because on his board he couldn't gainsay a single thing I said about his rug....just sputter and bluster. If it had been me, I would have illustrated my opinions, and addressed the critique with examples, references, academic analyses. I would have dealt with each issue systematically.”

Well, mr williams, that’s the difference between you and RK.

RK knows spending any more time than we did critiquing your specious comments would be nothing but a waste of time and furthermore the little we did say trashed them into the circular file(garbage can).

We realize you have nothing else to do than pull out your miniscule rug-pud in public and play with it, but RK has better things to do than watch you play circle-jerk with yourself, dummy. Or, for the matter, join in any more than we did, and are doing now.

As for the incredibly untenable idea you “destroyed” the integrity of the EBAY chuval with your far less than brilliant commentary?

All we can say is you are wrong, and wrong by such a long shot it matters not to demonstrate it. Plus, what we did say is here for all to see.

”I almost felt sorry for himwhen I realized that in a discussion about rugs, Jack Williams vs Jack Cassaine is a totally unequal contest.”

The only thing unequal here, williams, is the fact you must possess the IQ of a sub-standard intellect if you believe this fantasy.

You couldn’t sit down and discuss boiling an egg with RK, so what makes you think a complicated and intricate subject like historic Turkmen weaving is within your ability?

Dream on, sucker, dream on.

To say the best piece in your collection couldn’t wipe the shoes of the worst in RK’s might put things into perspective.

Remember, williams you poseur, "know me by my collection, rather than my cut and pasting", aptly describes who you are in respect to RK.

Again, should you want to bet you are right and we are wrong, bring your pennies here, clown, and we will take them from you, gladly.

But we know well you will not do anything other than, just like pussy-foot steev, continue to miss the target by mouthing-off more worthless BS.

You have proven you have nothing worthwhile to say and you have a collection of airport rugs that are as valueless as your simpleton rug comments. Need we say more to describe who jack williams is?

”Cassine is helpless, inarticulate, lacking in ability to organize his thoughts and present his conclusions, or to write interestingly and compellingly. Whereas Jack Williams is good with a pen, good with logic, and a professional at doing academic research and presenting the results. It is no contest...Cassine looks like a fool...and it could be worse.

Yawn, do you really believe this, williams? If so, you are delusional, seek professional help before you flame out further, boy.

I almost felt sorry for him...apparently inexperienced with ebay that he is.

Gee, thanks for feeling “almost” sorry for RK. And three times, wow, you’ve got the heart of Mother Theresa, what a humanitarian you are, williams. Yeah, right, clown.

"I see that he now has posted some structure data and pictures (after I kindly let him know that it was expected). But he has erred fundamentally if he has a value he places on that chuval. He apparently failed to place a minimum amount required for its sale. As it stands now, this is a no-minimum bid item...it could go for $50 bucks, about the cost of a pair of blue jeans.

Personally, I would rather have the functional item...."

Good idea, williams, might we suggest you look on EBAY for a functioning brain, seems yours has cut out working long ago. And, by the way, wanna bet the chuval sells for more than 50 bucks, rug-retard?

“And what is the deal with Cassine's math? 24 x 28 = 168 kpsi?“

FYI: Twenty four warps the inch, means 12 knots to the inch – each knot needs two warp threads, magpie.

Don’t you know the first thing about structural analysis, williams?

What a putz you are, boy, just like steev.

“I guess he must mean 12 h x 14 v (though the crude appearence(sic) of the weaving surely doesn't look anything like even 168 kpsi.) 12 x 14 would convert to a ratio of 6:7. But if the ratio is almost square, how come the chuval guls are flattened like tires on a junker car used in a demolition derby? How come the chemches look squashed, beat down, and demented? Cassine does know how to measure knots doesn't he? The confusion with the math makes me wonder about the Asy-open right knot attribution...he does know how to determine that?

There is little doubt, mr williams, you are out to lunch and your trying to peg RK as a neophyte proves you are so mentally retarded, you cannot be trusted to deduce fact from your own bent fiction.

As for your incorrect assertions about the structure and design of the chuval? Again, wanna bring your piggy-bank and bet, loud-mouth?

“I do stand corrected on one thing. That ugly photo background wasn't ugly peeling paint on the ceiling with the rug held up by coat hangers covered with aluminum foil. The ugly photo background was either a wall with horrible paint and large cracks, or an outdoor patio with artificial stone artificially colored an ugly color...that should never be used as a background for displaying a rug."

Says who? A color blind, dead eyed, nobody know-nothing, airport-art rug collector named jack williams? Get real, mr williams, face the fact you are incapable of even looking at a picture of a rug correctly – forget about discussing it with anyone other than those, like price and howe, who are equally as mentally deficient and rug-dumb as thee.

”Yo, Cassine, before you try to sell your next item on ebay, consult with me. I can help you, for a modest consultation fee of course...perhaps simply a copy each of your 5 books. But I cannot help you if you keep forgetting to take your prescription medicine, forget to go to counseling and continue to flail about like a hippo twirling his tail.
Regards, JackWilliams”

Well, jack williams, if you think RK would bother to do anything other than laugh at your suggestions, you are in major denial.

And by the way, big bad mr williams, why dontcha post your attempts to prove what a rug savvy clown you are here on RugKazbah.com?

Don’t you realize your failure to do so demonstrates what a panty-waist, disingenuous little rug wannabe water-boy you are.

What, you need steev price to protect you from RK?

By your actions it surely appears so.

Think about it, williams, think about it.

That’s if you can muster enough grey matter from your apparently tiny supply…

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