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Fri, Jul 27th, 2007 11:50:25 AM
Topic: jack williams, Another Magpie

After getting whupped like the wet behind the ears mongrel pup he presents himself as, jack williams, another rug lout who passes his time daily in Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price's rug romper-room, withdrew to the solace of his bottle of cheap beer and cried into it:

" I'll hold the proof for now...he has been cheating by taking my criticisms and adding the information to his erroneous write-up or editing his chest-beating post. I'm tired of holding his infantile hand and indirectly helping him."

What more proof could anyone need to substantiate williams's mental midgetdom than listening to him bray and bluster that RK might benefit from his “rug knowledge”.

Frankly, we doubt williams knows enough about an old rug to fill half of his used beer bottle, let alone his belief his knowledge could compare to RK’s, even by multiplying it 100 times.

The collection of airport-art and worse Turkmen and belouch weavings dopey williams has proudly, but stupidly, posted to Virginia Commonwealth University professor clown's website are not even amateur-hour pieces that belong on EBAY clearance sales.

We doubt williams has a rug that would sell for more than the 200$ the EBAY chuval is now listed at.

To think williams, who claims to be a skilled researcher doesn't realize his collection is about as valuable, monetarily or historically, as a week old newspaper or a box of used USPS 10cent stamps, implies his claims of research skill, or any of the other laughable boasts this beer swilling loud-mouthed dingo has made, are pipe-dreams.

Like many other wannabe ruggies williams is lost in the sauce and his continuing, but futile, attempts to paint RK with the same brush have only buried him deeper and deeper in it each time he opens his gapping jaws.

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