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email: Jacknola@cox.net
Thu, Aug 16th, 2007 12:31:47 AM
Topic: Cassin the CHEAT, FAKE or INCOMPETENT

RK Replies:

Hello, mr williams, how nice of you to visit.

RK will now enjoy, once again, making you look the fool, this time to your face since you were, somewhat, brave enough to post here and not in steev's turko-idiot rug-sandbox.

We will be glad to add our comments after your errors of fact, fancy and, yes, also judgment.


Do the right thing cASSin....give the money back and ADMIT you are either INCOMPETENT or a SCAM ARTIST.

We will now, after all your fussing and fumin' about knots, warp and weft admit we did MAKE A MISTAKE -- what's our big, huge mistake? in multiplying -- we should have multiplied 12V(24 warp equals 12 knots)by 28H, rather than 14H, to get the knots per square inch figure.

So, IN FACT, the chuval has 336 knots per square inch, not 186 as we mistakenly wrote.

HOWEVER the entire thesis you, wendle the wannabe hajjibaba waterboy and, dumber than a cow blossom, steev price have brayed about is a ratio, NOT the number of knots per square inch.

Plus you all got the ratio wrong, too, as we will soon demonstrate.

If any one of you knew how to read, or reason, you would have seen we explained ďtheĒ ratio we are referring to is the number of warp to the number of rows of weft -- NOT KNOTS TO ROWS OF WEFT or any other permutation.

It is clearly stated in our description - go check it out, putz

So, in fact, our structural information was 100 percent correct but our math, in that one aspect, was wrong.

You'll have to go hang your cheap hat somewhere else williams et al because what we say is there IN PRINT for all to see and read - a "structural ratio", as described.

I see your chuval sold. When the buyer gets it and checks it against what you advertised, I wouldnít be surprised if he demands his money back (assuming you or your shill is not the high-bidder).

Again, mr williams, your ignorance is showing in a major way.

The buyer is a major dealer who probably has sold more "collectible" rugs than anyone else around.

Don't believe us, come with your 10 grand and we'll make you a bet it is as we say.

Why? ... The kpsi advertised by you, (168), and the warp-knots per inch:weft-knots per inch, the horizontal:vertical ratio advertised (1:1.2) appear to be so completely wrong that it is reasonable to assume deliberate fraud or incompetence. From the posted pictures on T-u-r-k-t-e-c-k, it appears to me that the true density kpsi seems to be about 300 kpsi, and the true h:v ratio is about 1:2.5.

Wrong again, mr williams. If you knew how to create the proper ratio -- it is, once more, the number of warp per inch compared to rows of weft per inch.

This method, number of warp per inch compared to number of row of weft per inch is the most reliable way of proving the thesis you reference, which by the way was first published by robert pinner -- a knot counting beaner of a rug collector if there ever was one. And like all "rules" in rugdom, it's not really a rule.

The chuvalís overly-ornate border, itís true weave density, and itís true h:v ratio indicate it is at best, likely a very late 19th c. early 20th c. Tekke weave,not pre-1850. It may even be a recent fake...but it certainly does not have the near-square ratio and more rounded guls that are usually characteristic of early 19th c. Tekke weavings, as claimed by you on your eBay description of the rug.

To say, mr williams, you are full of crapola dignifies your incredibly ignorant remarks.

If you were a knowledgeable rug collector or appreciator, RK would bother to disprove in print what you assert.

However you are not and we'd prefer to exert the effort to make moot someone, like wendle or dodds who are considered to be knowledgeable, should they care to make similar claims.

You, mr williams, are nothing but a waste of time; another magpie moron.

Cassin, from comparing the pictures to your description, I conclude that either you cannot figure out the basic structure of a rug, in which case you are a RUG IDIOT and FAKE, or you deliberately posted erroneous data...in which case you are a CHEATER, LIAR, and a FAKE.

Do the right thing cASSin....give the money back and ADMIT you are either INCOMPETENT or a SCAM ARTIST.


Why you posted your email address and then signed it anonymously is just another example of your inebriated stupidity.

Like Virginia Commonwealth professor price, you must enjoy sticking your head in the sand and believing you are invisible.

Gosh, were it only that easy to get rid of you, steev and all the other mental-midgets who believe the slander, defamation and impertinence you all have published about RK.

Author: jc
Thu, Aug 16th, 2007 12:31:47 AM

Big-mouth williams has, so it appears, retreated rather quickly and gone back to Virginia Commonwealth professor steev the=clown's rug sandbox to discuss far more important matters.

Can't say we're sorry to see him go but should he decide to return, we'll be sure he's treated as he already has been.

RK knows williams, price or any of the other rug sub-normals who daily play rug wannabe's, would never allow RK to post what william's did on RugKazbah.com.

And, that's just the tip o'the iceberg of difference...

Author: truth
email: Jacknola@cox.net
Thu, Aug 9th, 2007 05:19:54 AM

RK Replies: Well, mr williams, you old fool and rug-challenged magpie, can't you do better than repeating the same tired litany of bluster and BS?

You have succeeded in proving your inability to comprehend anything about this chuval, so why don't 'cha either admit it or shut the F-up?

You have nothing to add to this discussion, which was in the first place nothing more than a feeble witch-hunt to try and diss RK, and you have made that clear as the glacial spring water RK drinks.

Plus very time you post, it proves it even more.

Go and enjoy, in private please, the rug fantasyland you inhabit and while yer at it, putz, say hi to steev and the rest of the clowns, who are your next-door neighbors.


LIAR and Incompetent. You stupid ass..do you think the rest of the rug world is composed of fools? You invent an off the wall way of coming up with a nearly square ratio that is both meaningless and totally outside of industry standards...and for the dumb-home schooled math deficient idiots such as JC, not even mathmatically correct. It is just another way to lie about your big cheat. You claimed an almost sqare ratio indicating early Tekke. The ratio is so packed it is almost linear. GIVE THE MONEY BACK AND ADMIT YOU ARE A CHEAT, LIAR, INCOMPETENT, AND A SCAM ARTIST.

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