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Thu, Aug 30th, 2007 08:43:56 AM
Topic: Just like Him? No Way

There is little doubt Virginia Commonwealth University professor steev price is a major rug nincompoop.

His obvious observations, dumb-bell opinions, pedantic self-centered orientation and his bare modicum of rug knowledge guarantee just about every time he opens his mouth something ludicrous or incorrect will issue forth.

Today was no exception as the following quote, concerning the importance and meaning Turkmen iconography carries, demonstrates:

"I don't think I've ever been to a place where locals didn't decorate themselves and their surroundings, usually with brightly colored things like flowers, painted surfaces, beads, and textiles. I don't see any reason to believe that the Turkmen don't have a long history of doing this, too. This isn't to say that none of the motifs on their weavings have other functions as well, but the universal element of decoration and ornament is almost always ignored when people talk about them."

Please now what in baby Jesusí name does price=clown believe correlates between his summer vacation travels and historic Turkmen weaving iconography?

This is but one more example of price=clown's inability to see past the end of his desk in trying to ascertain anything about Turkmen society.

But as hair-brained as that statement is the following goes way past it into laughable stupidity:

"Maybe it's not enough of a fantasy to attribute our own characteristics to them, but I'll bet they were more like us than many ruggies think."

Hardy har har; the only thing a fat rug-moron like professor price=clown has in common with any pre-commercial period Turkmen weaver is the fact both breath in air and exhale CO2.

Yessshhhh, when will price pull the plug on himself and depart from the public's eye?

Author: truth Thu, Aug 30th, 2007 08:43:56 AM

When will you depart you rug moron. YOU profess to be rug knowledgable, but cannot even count knots, much less calculate KPSI. That make you, JACK cASSin, either A LIAR, SCAM ARTIST, INCOMPETANT or more likely, ALL THREE. GIVE THE MONEY BACK YOU LOSER AND CHEATER..!

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