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Tue, Oct 9th, 2007 12:51:31 AM
Topic: "controversy"

Reading moorehouses's paean to himself; watching LACMA lurch around trying to dodge the truth; seeing hali destroy its credibility and honesty by refusing to speak truthfully and accurately; experiencing no one in rugdom standing up to declare anything but the status quo, all make RK want to burn our collection.

Yesshhh, is everyone so afraid of joining that you all rather live with hypocrisy and dishonesty?

And that twerp moorehaus has nerve to characterize RK's position on LACMA's questionable rug purchase as "hoopla" and "controversy".

Sure, LACMA, jon thompson and louise mackie(two of the three vetters, the other one, Walter Denny has already admitted his mistake) and others would like this "controversy" to go away. But really now, when is reality ever "controversy"?

It's a reality the dodds/LACMA "bellini" is a dog of an example and is far from a best of type or museum-worthy. Even moorehouse knows and admits that.

But until LACMA admits dodds ripped them off and makes effort to rescind the sale, RK will continue exposing the foolishness of their cover-up “closure” efforts and publishing the un-revised, underlying facts for all to see and read.

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