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Mon, Oct 18th, 2010 12:21:49 AM
Topic: RK Critiques dodds's letter to LACMA: Epilogue

RK realizes how difficult it is to change entrenched ideas and patterns of behaviour, especially in an arena like the one surrounding historic Oriental Rugs.

The incredible spread of interest, both in America and Europe as well as the Middle and Far East, we have seen growing since the mid-1970's belies the fact below the surface little has changed.

Scholarship and scientific investigation are still only talk, as few examples of superior effort in these areas could be demonstrated by even their most aware and knowledgeable proponents.

RK does not need here to recount the fallacy of C14 dating for 99.9% of the extant carpets, or the accepted belief among those who revolve in this universe that progress has, or is, being made.

Sorry, but this is only lip-service and far from reality.

As we said earlier in this exercise of proving what a cheat and liar dennis dodds proved himself to be, there is no one to point the finger at, as rugdom in general is at fault.

Not to blow our own horn but, really now, who else has publicly stood up and complained about dodds or the other issues we have championed?

Right you are, not a soul, and this more than anything else demonstrates rugdom's most salient and fatal flaw.

Ignoring it, turning ones attention elsewhere, or believing things will change on their own are all part and parcel of this malady, surely not its remedy.

If we all are not careful, such attitudes will eventually return interest in Historic Oriental Rugs once again to the back burners of a stove that is rarely used for anything but boiling the stains from filthy old dishrags, surely not cooking banquet meals for royalty.

Rugdom is run by a graduated hierarchy, an in-group, who far too often place their personal interests far above those of the rugs themselves.

Anyone saying different is either too far outside the circle, or disingenuously inside it.

And while few are as blatantly dishonest as dodds, or as scandalous in their actions, he has company.

We have spoken of this before, it is not the first time.

Nor is our dissection of dodds's disgusting disavowal of the trust LACMA benefited him with, by accepting his letter of expertise and getting their Collector's Circle to purchase his bogus "bellini", any more damning than the other proofs we have published.

Doing nothing only empowers those like dodds to continue on their merry way to defraud, bamboolze and cheat others, be they the lay public, collectors who should know better, or institutions like LACMA.

There's alot wrong with rugdom and even though dodds is the poster boy of late, he could not have perpetrated his con games without the support and agreement of rugdom.

This is why it is imperative we all face facts, and publicly rebuking dodds and removing him from his president's perch in that birdland that is known as the international conference on oriental carpets(icoc) would be a tremendous start.

House-cleaning, and a major one at that, is long overdue and though in doing so rugdom will have to admit its errors, and admit them for all to see in a somewhat unpleasant way, there is no other alternative.

The reality dodds stole candy from a baby is sure.

The reality he believes he is above suspicion, scrutiny and removal are also givens.

This needs to be addressed and changed, and nothing will be changed until this step is taken.

What more proof could anyone possibly need of this dreadful state of affairs than reading and carefully thinking about the flaws, falsehoods, downright misrepresentations and lies dodds's letter of expertise displays?

Yes, he is no better than the thieving miscreants who descended on the destroyed South after the Civil War to steal and cheat their way to riches.

Remember it was this type of person whose actions originally coined the phrase carpet-bagger.

But, unlike their case, dodds's crowning achievement from his romp through rugdom, cheating LACMA, must not be allowed to stand unrecognized and uncontested.

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